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Bunny Cupcakes in a Cone

Bunny Cupcakes in a Cone were a such a huge hit yesterday¬†I had to share. The idea for the cupcakes was in the April 2014 edition of Family Circle but I changed it up a little. Ingredients: 24 Ice Cream … Continue reading

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Easter Sweets: Rice Krispie Easter Eggs

Rice Krispie Easter Eggs I absolutely love Rice Krispies! I saw this on a Rice Krispies commercial and just had to try them for Easter. The kids and I made them and they were super easy. Ingredients: Rice Krispies 6 … Continue reading

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What? It’s Lent Again?

All of the Catholics I know need to get a calendar. It seems that every year Ash Wednesday sneaks up on all of us. Everywhere I went yesterday I heard people saying, ” I can’t believe it is already Ash … Continue reading

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A Bouquet of Valentine’s Treats

Happy Valentine’s Day Yesterday while under house arrest Amelia and I whipped up this cute and easy Valentine’s Day Treat. With all the snow we couldn’t get out to the store so we had to use what we had in … Continue reading

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12 Days of Holiday Traditions: Day 9 Last Minute Shopping

Shopping for the Holidays.¬† This image in my delusional fantasies is a lovely experience. Christmas music is playing and I am leisurely perusing the store in search of all the items on my list. Of course the reality is heavy … Continue reading

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12 Days of Christmas Traditions: Day 10 The Picture Card

The Picture Holiday Card. The Picture Holiday Card has become an important Holiday Tradtion. Everyone looks forward to receiving the pictures in the mail and seeing everyone’s family and how they have grown over the year. And of course compare … Continue reading

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12 Days of Holiday Traditions Day 11: The Tree Hunt

The perfect Christmas Tree. It’s a challenge every year to find the perfect tree. Each year we head off to the Old Homestead Tree Farm in Lehighton, PA in order to accomplish this challenge. Off into the fields of trees … Continue reading

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