Great Reads!

I love to read and I am excited to share all of my favorite Great Reads. When I am in the “reading zone” nothing else matters. Last summer when I read The Help  I ignored my kids and the house for three days. No meals were served, no dishes were cleaned, no clothes were washed. Basically my children were left to their own devices. My house could have been tumbling down around me and I would not have taken my eyes off of my kindle. If it is a really great read, I feel a little depressed at the end. I kind of miss the characters after the story is over. I think that is why I like series books so much, I get to visit the same characters again and again.

A few birthdays ago my husband bought me a Kindle, which is hands down one of the best presents I have ever received. I know, I know, people like the feel of a book… and so do I. However the Kindle has so many great features that I am so over enjoying the “feel of a book”  Books are heavy and bulky and don’t fit well in my purse. The portability of the Kindle  is key. With Kindle you also get instant gratification. Done with one book order another. No waiting to go to the library or to the store. Even better is you can pre-order books that haven’t come out yet. They get delivered right to your Kindle. And Kindle knows me really well and always makes great suggestions. I am so in love with my Kindle and it is so old, first generation. One of these days I might have to go out and buy the Kindle Fire, but for now my old Kindle suits me just fine.  What’s even better is I just realized a few months ago you can get the Kindle app on your Itouch, Ipad, and computer. I can now read on any device in the house.  I must have been living under a rock. What great technology!

Technology is great and my latest technological reading discovery  is the playaway. Playaways are audio books that you can borrow from your local library. All you need are your headphones and a battery and you’re set. It is great for cleaning the house, gardening, or doing laundry. I can’t imagine chores without it now. Nothing aggravates my husband and children more than trying to talk to me when they don’t realize my headphones are in!

So, clearly I love to read and I love books.

Can’t wait to share my favorites!


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