The Drop by Michael Connelly

I absolutely love cop dramas! I am sure that this love is due in no small part to the fact that my father was a New York City police officer. When I was a little girl I always was so proud that he was a police officer. Sadly, he passed away several years ago and I miss him so much everyday.

This is always how I will remember him from my childhood.

I love these pictures of my dad when he was NYPD.(Newly scanned with my portable scanner)

So it is no wonder that many of my favorite books, including my latest read, are cop dramas. I happened upon this series in the airport while waiting to get on a plane to Florida.  I was panicked I had just finished a book and had no book to read. Not even an idea of what to read next.  I have read every Patterson and Grisham novel to date. The new Janet Evanovich was months away. I couldn’t get on a plane without a book. What was I going to do? I passed by the airport newsstand and noticed a book with Matthew McConaughey on the front cover. Honestly, who doesn’t stop for Matthew McConaughey? The book was the Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly. I thought it looked good and immediately ordered it on my Kindle. I immediately became obsessed and had to read all the books by Michael Connelly. I was really excited to find a book series that I had never heard of before. There were so many books and I had never read any of them. Michael Connelly has several books about the Lincoln Lawyer, Mickey Haller. In one of the books you learn that his half brother is a cop named  Harry Bosch. I adore Harry Bosch. He is the perfect combination of tough cop, tortured soul, and sensitive father. So you can imagine how incredibly excited I was to discover there are literally dozens of Harry Bosch books. It was like discovering a gold mine.

The Drop

 is the most recent Harry Bosch installation. Harry Bosch relentlessly investigates two cases and is determined to clear them both no matter what the cost.  Bosh’s longtime nemesis, Irvin Irving, now a city councilman requests Bosch investigate the death of his son, who was either pushed or jumped from a hotel balcony. The investigation takes him into a dark world of police and political corruption. Meanwhile, he is searching for a gruesome rapist and killer who has been operating for decades without detection. Bosch relentlessly pursues both cases with his usual determination while maintaing his philosophy that “everyone counts or nobody does.” He is a great hero and is relentless in his pursuit of the truth and often finds himself in conflict with authority. A terrific mystery crime drama.

A great read can’t wait for the next one.

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  1. jeana james-reyes says:

    I love these pictures of dad!

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