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Decisions Decisions Decisions

How do you choose between two things you love? When the children were little life was physically challenging whereas now life has become mentally challenging.   I often find myself longing for the days when the kids were younger and life was simpler. … Continue reading

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My favorite thing about spring sports… that they are over!

My favorite thing about spring sports is not really that they are over.  The season ending is in my top ten along with rained out practices and cancelled games, but it’s not my favorite thing. There are many aspects of … Continue reading

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Who has time to smell the flowers?

I love the spring time. I wait and wait in anticipation all winter for the spring weather to finally come. I love all the new growth and the colorful flowers. Spring is such a  wonderful time of renewal. After being … Continue reading

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Superbowl Confession… I don’t like football!

Are you ready for some football???? No, not really. It’s not that I hate football. Hate is too strong of an emotion. It’s more that I have a burning indifference. My husband, on the other hand,  is a true football … Continue reading

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