Sexy Thriller Sale

Looking for your next good read? 
Being an obsessive book lover I am often looking for the next book to devour. Which is exactly where I find myself now. 

But then I stumbled upon AND THEN HE.  

 With a cover like that hard not to stop while your scrolling. And what’s even better is it’s only $.99 for a limited time.

Author, Kim Briggs, SLASHED Ebook price on AND THEN HE, her New Adult Dark Thriller!!

For the next two days, Wed., Dec. 2 to Thurs., Dec. 3, Kindle Version of AND THEN HE will be only $.99. (WHAT?!?!?) 
AND THEN, Fri., Dec. 4 to sometime Saturday, Dec. 5, the price will be only $1.99. (OH YES?!?! I am not joking.) 
AND THEN, Sunday, Dec. 6 to Monday, Dec. 7th, it will be $2.99. 
AND THEN, like all things too good to be true, the price will return to $3.99 (STILL A GREAT PRICE, BUT NOT $.99!) 
Best to get your copy, sooner rather than later! Makes a great gift for the holidays too. Purchase your copy here.

Not sure if you should splurge? Here’s the pitch: An innocent night of flirting with a handsome strangers turns into a nightmare Tiffani can’t escape. AND THEN HE combines sex and evil in all the right ways. Pick up your copy NOW!! 

AND THEN HE is downloaded and ready to read on my kindle app. Can’t wait to read it. 

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Gobble Gobble Turkey #Cupcakes

Halloween may be over but it doesn’t mean you should start hanging your Christmas Lights yet. Let’s take a moment to remember the oft forgotten holiday Thanksgiving. notxmas


Gobble Gobble Mini Turkey Cupcake

These turkey cupcakes are perfect for dessert on Thanksgiving dinner or for a school party. They are adorable and super easy. This is a great recipe to do with the kids because they are so easy.

You will need a box of cake mix, mini cupcake linerscandy corn, brown food coloring, and icing– I like to make my own buttercream icing but a can of icing works too.

1.)Prepare the cake mix as directed.

2.)Place the cupcake liners in the mini cupcake pan. Then spoon in the cupcake mix and bake for five minutes. For even and consistent cupcakes I use the Pampered Chef small scoop.

3.) Bake at the temperature directed on the box, but keep your eye on them they cook in about half the time. You know they are done when you touch the middle of the cupcakes with your finger and they pop back up.

4.) Let the cupcakes cool before decorating. Tint the icing with the brown food coloring. To decorate pipe stars with a Wilton tip 18 and cover the entire cupcake. You can use store bought icing or make your own buttercream.

5.) Place three candy corn white side up on the cupcake for the feathers. Put one candy corn for the face white tip down.

6.) Pipe the eyes with Wilton tip 3.


Mini Turkey Cupcakes

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Which Literary Monster Are You?

In honor of Halloween a quiz from Grammarly

I got Frankenstein… not too sure about that.

What did you get?undefined

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Easy to make #HalloweenCupcakes

Looking for an easy to make Halloween cupcake?

Here are two of my favorites that are sure to impress.

photo 1

Boo Cupcakes

To make boo cupcakes you need a box of cake mix, a bag of marshmallows, two cans of vanilla icing(or you can use your own buttercream from scratch), orange and black food coloring.

Bake the cupcakes as you normally would.

To make the base color one whole can of icing orange. You could use a spatula to ice the cupcake. I used a number 18 Wilton decorating tip to create the base. Either way will work.

Then spoon about 1/3 of the icing into a cup and melt in the microwave for 20 seconds. When the icing is  melted use a toothpick to dip the marshmallow into the melted icing and place on top of the cupcake.

After take a small amount of icing and color it black. Use a number 3 Wilton tip to pipe the eyes and the mouth. You could also use the gel colors that they sell in the baking aisle to create the same effect. Wait for the icing to harden before you put the finishing touches on the ghost.

Graveyard Cupcakes

Graveyard Cupcakes

To make graveyard cupcakes you need a box of cake mix, a package of Oreo cookies, can of vanilla frosting(or you could use your own buttercream) and green food dye.

Bake the cupcakes as you normally would.

Use the green icing coloring to tint the vanilla icing green for the base. Save some of the white icing to write the RIP on the gravestone. Use an icing bag and a Wilton decorating tip 1M to cover the cupcake. Start on the outside of the cupcake and swirl in towards the center.

Take the Oreos apart and scrape center icing off the cookie- My kids thought this was a crime! Stick the cookie half into the cupcake to create the gravestone.

To decorate the gravestone use a decorating bag and a Wilton #3 tip and pipe the words RIP on the gravestone.

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Homework Help: 7 Tips to Make Homework Time A Little Easier

Are you pulling your hair out every evening trying to get your child’s homework done?

Do you dread the afternoon just thinking about homework?

I see posts on social media all the time about homework. Parents are frustrated with homework and I so often hear moms and dads complaining about their child’s homework.

Here are some tips to try to make homework time a little easier.

  1. Timing – Set aside a specific time everyday for homework. Homework should be the priority and not an afterthought. Right afterschool is the best time to do homework. I realize with busy schedules this may not always be the case but as close to afterschool as you can is key. Children are still in school mode immediately afterschool and they are more apt to remember what they learned and be able to apply the skills taught. images-52
  2. A Special Quiet Spot– Create a special space for your child to complete their homework. This can be a desk or even at the kitchen table. Try to avoid places that will have a lot of distractions like the television or lots of talking. Ideally they should keep their phones and iPads off, unless they are needed for the homework assignment.  They should also have easy access to all the supplies they need things like; pens, pencils, glue sticks, paper. A good idea is to stick those items in a caddy that can go away in a drawer or closet when they are done with their work.images-51
  3. Check It Off– Have your child check off their assignments in their agenda or homework assignment book as they complete them. Checking off assignments as they are completed ensures that they don’t miss any assignments. It also gives your child a feeling of accomplishment each time they complete an assignment.
  4. Do The Hard Stuff First–  Don’t save the harder assignments for last. Get them done right away . Tackling harder assignments first is better because your child will be fresh and won’t yet be fatigued by the other assignments.books
  5. Check Their Work – It’s okay to check your child’s work and have them make corrections. It’s not okay to do their work for them. Nor should you be spending tons of time reteaching the material at home. Especially with Common Core Math, you will find that you have no idea how to solve the math  problems the way your child was taught. If you find your child can’t complete the assignments because it is too hard you need to contact the teacher immediately. If you correct the homework every night it is hard for the teacher to understand where your child needs help. Teachers use homework as a way to assess students. If the homework is always correct the teacher will have no idea that your child is having trouble.images-49
  6. Set a Timer Homework has to have an end time. There is usually a policy regarding how much homework the children should have. Check out the homework policy at your child’s school. If your child is spending hours on end completing homework it is just too much. Depending on the age of your child set a time limit. For example 4-6th graders should take no more than an hour to an hour and a half. If it is going on for hours, just end it. Then write a letter to the teacher and let them know how much time it is taking your child to complete the homework.
  7. Keep It Positive – Homework is not a punishment and should not be causing frustration or tears. Try to stay positive and be an advocate for your child by supplying them with a time, place, supplies and contacting the teacher when need be.
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Easy, Inexpensive DIY Evil Step Sisters’ Costume

Out of Halloween Costume Ideas?

Looking for an easy and cheap Halloween costume?

Drizella and Anastasia

Drizella and Anastasia

Last Spring I hosted a DisneySide Villains costume party and was pretty impressed by my friend’s ingenuity. She whipped up Drizella and Anastasia with one quick trip to the dollar store for plastic table cloths.

Cinderella's Evil Step Sisters

Cinderella’s Evil Step Sisters

The concept was so brilliant and so simple at the same time. Purchase colorful plastic table cloths. Color suggestions are pink, green, blue and purple. Cut a neck hole in the tablecloth and fasten with strips of the other tablecloth to create ribbon belt. You can use excess tablecloth to make a hair ribbon.

Top  view of Drizella and Anastasia playing Disneyside Bingo

Top view of Drizella and Anastasia playing Disneyside Bingo


Side View

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Remembering 9/11

English: Twin Towers NYC (scanned from print p...

Once there were two towers side by side

They were each a quarter of a mile high…

The Man Who Walked Between the Towers by Mordicai Gerstein

Can you believe 11 years have passed since that fateful day? Like so many others I still cry when I  watch memorials on television or read newspaper articles about the victims and the loved ones they left behind.

Every year at my school we honor the victims of 9/11 in a special ceremony in the auditorium. Afterwards my students and I would have a discussion about 9/11. They were always eager to share their own stories of 9/11 with the class. Most had personal stories to share and knew someone who was there the day the towers crumbled.

However, now there are no children left in elementary school who were alive on that fateful day. September 11th will be a story they are told, not an event they lived through. Similar to my grandparents retelling stories of Pearl Harbor. This realization made me wonder.

Will they ever be able to appreciate the events of that day?

Will they ever really understand how scared we all were?

Will they ever know how we banded together as a city and a country?

I don’t really know the answers but I began to understand my role and how important it is to make sure that I continue to talk about 9/11 with my students. I want them to remember and honor the victims of that day. I want to teach them to always remember and never forget.

Since I am a teacher naturally I love books, so I was thrilled when I came across The Man Who Walked Between the Towers by Mordicai Gerstein. Every year I share this wonderful story about an amazing French street performer named Phillippe Petit. In 1974 when the towers weren’t quite yet complete Phillippe performed a daring high wire act. In the middle of the night dressed as a construction worker Phillippe snuck to the top of the south tower while his friends were making their way up the north tower. They strung a cable between the towers and Phillippe performed the most amazing tight wire performance of his life for the gawking New Yorkers below.

The book is so well written and has the most breathtaking illustrations. It helps the children understand what iconic structures the Twin Towers were.

But, what I love so much about the book is that it is a celebration of the towers and their history. The story is uplifting and serves as a beautiful memorial to the towers and lives associated with them.

At the end of the book I get choked up every time I read the last few lines which simply state

Now the towers are gone

But in memory, as if imprinted on the sky, the towers are still there. And part of the at memory is the joyful morning, August 7, 1974, when Phillip Petit walked between them in the air

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