Bunny Cupcakes

Bunny Cupcakes in a Cone were a such a huge hit yesterday I had to share. The idea for the cupcakes was in the April 2014 edition of Family Circle but I changed it up a little.



  • 24 Ice Cream Cones wafer style
  • Cake Mix (Funfetti is always my fave!)
  • Oil, eggs, & water for the cake mix preparation.
  • 3 batches of ButterCream Icing (pre-made in a can works just as well- 3 cans)
  • Marshmallows
  • icing colors pink & black


    • IMG_4143Wrap the bottom of the cones in aluminium foil and place each in a muffin pan. The aluminium foil keeps the cones standing straight up.
    • Make the cake mix as directed on the box.
    • Spoon the prepared cake batter into the ice cream cones. Fill the IMG_4148cones 3/4 of the way with batter.
    • Bake as directed on the cake box. Cupcakes are ready when you can press the center and it pop backs up.
    • While the cupcakes are baking cut 24 large marshmallows in half. I then used a food scissor to trim the halves to make them look like bunny ears. This was the most annoying step since the marshmallows are so IMG_4160sticky!IMG_4159



  • Take the cupcakes out and let them cool.IMG_4156
  • Using a Wilton number 12 round tip pipe icing in a circular motion toIMG_4157 make the bunny’s head.
  • Put a litte icing on the bottom of the marshmallows and stick them into the sides of the bunny’s head.
  • Using icing tinted pink and a Wilton number 3 tip fill in the center of
    the marshmallow ears. Then using the same tip and icing make a round dot for the bunny’s nose.



  • Using icing tinted black and a Wilton number 3 tip pipe two round eyes.IMG_4240

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