Capture All the Fun with Disney’s Memory Maker

On any vacation I typically take 100’s of pictures. The problem is that I am the picture taker and I am never in any of the pictures. Not that I love what I look like in pictures, but it would be nice to show I was actually on the vacation. When the kids were little I was literally in zero pictures. As they got older I often employed them as photographers. This is hit or miss especially because of their angle-Just a hint no one looks good when shot from the ground up.

One of the many things I love about Disney are all the Disney PhotoPass photographers dispersed throughout the parks. I am completely obsessed with having family photos taken by every PhotoPass photographer we pass. Everybody knows if I see a photographer we are taking a family picture.

There are so many photo ops while vacationing at Disney.

My favorite photo is the quintessential Magic Kingdom Main Street picture with the Castle in the background.

Walking down Main Street USA Magic Kingdom

Walking down Main Street USA Magic Kingdom

There are also limitless opportunities for fabulous scenic pictures throughout the parks.

EPCOT is a great park for scenic shots.

EPCOT is a great park for scenic shots.

And don’t forget all the Character shots!

Minnie and Grace at the EPCOT character spot.

Minnie and Grace at the EPCOT character spot.

Tinkerbell at Magic Kingdom

Tinkerbell at Magic Kingdom

Pocahontas at Animal Kingdom. I love the candid shots the best.

Pocahontas at Animal Kingdom.                                             The candid shots are the best

 Silly and funny photos.

Hey look it's Sven from Hollywood Studios.

Hey look it’s Sven from Hollywood Studios.

Doing our best Pirate pose outside of Pirates of The Caribbean at Magic Kingdom.

Attitude poses outside of Pirates of The Caribbean at      Magic Kingdom.

Don’t forget the Dining Pics

Everyone's favorite Chef Mickey's

Everyone’s favorite Chef Mickey’s

And when your baby girl becomes a princess.

Bippity Boppity Boutique

Bippity Boppity Boutique

So many wonderful memories and Disney has made it so easy to take the memories home with you with the purchase of the Memory Maker. The Memory Maker entitles you to unlimited digital photos taken by the Photopass photographers. Memory Maker can be purchased for $169 in advance and $199 within three days of your trip.

I love Disney’s Memory Maker. First of all you get so many awesome professional family photos. It’s like having a photo journalist follow you around on vacation. Although  it seems pricey when you break it down we had over 250 photos taken while on our vacation. and I think that it worked out to less than .50 cents a photo.

Second it links to your Magic Band. The PhotoPass photographer takes your picture, scans your band and the photos are all sent to your online photo account.

In addition ride photos which I typically never purchase are included. They always seem pricey and I never wanted to spend the money. Don’t get me wrong I love them. My kids always manage to look like an AD for Disney Parks on Space Mountain while I look like something went terribly wrong with my face. Nevertheless what’s great about the Memory Maker is that your ride pictures are AUTOMAGICALLY connected to your Memory Maker account. At least that is what the cast members told me. Automagically, gotta love Disney Cast members.

Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom. Our favorite roller coaster.

Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom. Our favorite roller coaster.

We were even given a cool video of the family riding the Hollywood Tower of Terror. It just automagically showed up.

All your Memory Maker photos are available relatively quickly to view online and super easy to download to your computer. It is definitely worth the price if you take advantage of all of the picture opportunities while you are in Disney.

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