Father Daughter Shopping Trip

Recently my 11 year old daughter asked if we could go to the store to buy new underwear.  I considered this a pretty innocuous request and really didn’t pay it that much attention. Okay so we will go to the mall and get you underwear. She really loves the mall and often asks to go shopping so it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.

Of course it was a typical weekend and I had numerous activities to attend to, as well as cleaning the house which always gets shoved to the bottom of the to do list. I just couldn’t break away to take her.

My daughter’s new favorite move is to text her father after she has been turned down by me and ask him instead. Unwittingly, he will then say yes because he is a nice guy and will try to accommodate when he can. This has the potential to be a huge problem. My husband and I need to get our acts together and bring our A game now that she is a tween and has figured out that he and I are not always on the same page. My husband will say yes because I haven’t talked to him yet and he is completely unaware that I have already said no. Isn’t technology grand!

On this particular occasion I didn’t really care that he was taking her to the mall. It was just underwear and one less errand I had to run. Armed with directions to go to Justice and get underwear off they went to the mall.

A little while later I get a phone call from a clearly rattled husband. “Did you know that she wants to get bras?” I was dumbfounded… A bra? She said underwear, I just assumed she meant underpants. For the last year or two she has been wearing tank tops under her clothes and was not technically ready for a real bra. Justice has a line of bras that accomplish the same goal but have sizes like a real bra and look like a real bra. I had no issue with her getting the bra she just completely caught me off guard.

I can just imagine my husband standing in Justice surrounded by all the glittery neon shirts bewildered not sure what to do. For those of you who have not had the pleasure Justice is a neon glittery paradise. Completely out of my husband’s element. I can think of lots of husband who would have left the store, embarrassed by the topic of bras. Not my husband, God bless him he came through like a champ. He helped her pick out the size and let her try them on in the dressing room.

Coincidentally, a friend of mine was also in the store with her daughter. She couldn’t believe that I sent BJ to pick out bras with Caroline. I had to explain that it wasn’t my intention. She got quite a chuckle out of seeing them there but was impressed that he would help her pick out bras.

As for me… I was a little jealous. I wanted to be the one to go shopping with her to pick out her first bra. I was the mom and that is my job!

A little time passed and I gained some perspective and reminded myself it’s not all about me. What a special memory the two of them will now share. When she grows up she can look back fondly on the time her father took her to her to the store to buy a bra.

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3 Responses to Father Daughter Shopping Trip

  1. Jonesingafter40 says:

    Wow. Your husband is a trooper! I’m sure they both will remember this shopping trip for a long time!!

  2. Olimpia says:


    This really made me chuckle!!!! Picturing BJ in Justice!!! Most men would have said forget it.
    He is great!

  3. mamamash says:

    That’s too funny! She obviously has a great relationship with her parents though!

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