As soon as I die…

“Give me a sec.”

Wait, just let me die.”

One more minute, as soon as I die.”

These are the phrases uttered repeatedly by my children. Even my four year old!  It is completelt unsettling! There is just something inherently wrong hearing your children say “Just let me die.” Of course they are not referring to their own demise but rather the end of their video game.

If you asked my children what their most valuable possession is, I would be shocked if they don’t respond with,  “My Itouch.”  And by the way don’t think I am crazy my four year old doesn’t actually own an Itouch, she just borrows mine. They love to play video games on their Itouch. It is so easy to download apps and the are all free, at least the ones they are allowed to play. Temple Run is the current favorite. And when you are in the middle of the game nobody wants to stop playing because mom has asked you to do your homework, make your bed, or even come to the dinner table. It is understandable they would rather be forced to stop by their player exhausting all of it’s lives then to stop in the middle of playing because mom and dad have asked them to.

Their children it is in the nature to want to play. It is just the phrase that gets me every time. “Wait, just let me die.” Couldn’t they just as easily say, “In a minute.” “Wait until the game is over.” Or even better, “Sure mom I’ll stop right now.” The last one is a fantasy … I know I am a dreamer!

Screen shot of  their favorite game “Temple Run”

I realize every generation creates their own unique slang and colloquialisms. I understand that the older generation is supposed to balk and think these phrases are ridiculous. I get it, I know how the world works- I watch tv sitcoms.

However, is “Just let me die” going to go down in the books as the phrase for “in a few minutes.” Will this be their generation’s “Chill Out” or “Don’t have a cow man”  Or even better  their “Step Off” or “Talk to the hand.” All great phrases given to us by the 60’s, 70”s, 80’s & 90’s.

Who knows only time will tell. But for now playing video games on your Itouch is totally groovy, bitch’n, and the bomb.

Can you dig it?

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6 Responses to As soon as I die…

  1. I have a gamer of my own who is teaching his sister the ways of the gaming world. I can totally relate. 🙂

    • I thought I had escaped the whole gaming thing by having girls. We have a Wii they never use and a DS that they barely touch. But then along came the Itouch and they have discovered a whole new world. Funny all the expensive games in the house they don’t care about but the free apps they love.

  2. jeana james-reyes says:

    The games do look very cool in fact Amelia has taught me how to play a few of the games! In fact Grace showed John how to download cool game apps onto his ipad! So I guess we are learning from them!!

    • I love when the kids teach the adults. I won’t let them show me any of the games. I know myself too well if I start playing I will never stop. Then I won’t get anything done.

  3. MamaMoo says:

    We love Temple Run! Too funny about the “just let me die”. So true!

    • Temple Run it’s the hot new game. At least it is a game. My 11 year old downloaded a game that was called how to train you boyfriend. Yeah, not really a game. The girlfriend had to smack the boyfriend when he did things wrong. We deleted that quickly. When they play games it reminds me of playing frogger and trying to get the high score on Atari!
      Glad I am not the only who hears “just let me die”

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