Superbowl Confession… I don’t like football!

Are you ready for some football????

No, not really.

It’s not that I hate football. Hate is too strong of an emotion. It’s more that I have a burning indifference. My husband, on the other hand,  is a true football fan. He loves it! I wish I could love football as much as he does. Sometimes I find myself being jealous of  sports fans. I am envious that they can love sports so much. No matter how hard I try I just can’t stir up any emotion for football.

So when Superbowl rolls around every year I begin to feel a little like an alien. Everyone is so pumped about the Superbowl. The excitement is intense. People young and old  all genuinely looking forward to the game. Everyone is eager to find out who  will be the next Superbowl Champions.

What is wrong with me? why don’t I care?

I have learned to fake it and feign interest. It is easier than trying to  tell people you don’t like Superbowl, football, or sports in general. Sometimes I think I might be received better if I told people I was a mass murderer rather than someone who doesn’t care for football. People are pretty passionate about their sports and sport teams.

Even with my intense disinterest in football I have come to enjoy some aspects of the Superbowl.

The Top 5 Reasons I enjoy Superbowl:

1.) Food

Who doesn’t like food? Superbowl is a party filled with great snacks and apps. Chips, dips, wings, and my personal favorite the cocktail frank. All the world’s greatest snack foods at one event. In addition to being passionate about the Superbowl, people become pretty obsessed with the food that accompanies it. Everywhere you turn there are recipes and advice on what to serve at Superbowl on tv shows, tv commercials, & websites. Even the kid’s cooking school in my town had a special Superbowl party that taught the kids to make traditional Superbowl snacks. In addition to football, as a nation we really like our food. Although I don’t care about the sport, the food I can get behind.

2.) Socializing/Gambling

It’s a party! I love a party and the fact that many of the guests have their head in front of the tv really doesn’t bother me. Also, it is a party with gambling. I get to pick little boxes and win money. Socializing and gambling both good!

3.) Commercials

The commercials are more about anticipation than the actual commercial. There is so much hype and buildup for the Superbowl commercials. Half the time the commercials aren’t even that good. The quality of the commercial doesn’t seem to matter it is the publicity. As long as we are all talking about the commercial that is great publicity for the company.

This year I am excited about the Matthew Broderick commercial. A revisit of Ferris Bueller, genius! Who doesn’t love “Bueller, Bueller?” As a child of the 80’s this is a quintessential movie of my teen years and I love the commercial. In addition to a walk down memory lane, there is also a Jerry Seinfeld commercial that is pretty funny. As a huge fan of Seinfeld I enjoyed it. Take a sneak peek below.

4.) Half-Time Show

Madonna, need I say more. The Material Girl is performing the half-time show. Any girl who grew up in the 80’s ran around their room singing Holiday into their hair brush microphone. Madonna is a terrific performer and it is guaranteed to be an amazing performance.

5.) It means football is over until next year.

And my most favorite thing about Superbowl is that it marks the end of football season until next year! Yeah!

Take a sneak peek at the Seinfeld and Broderick commercials.

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8 Responses to Superbowl Confession… I don’t like football!

  1. jonesingafter40 says:

    I’m on your team MommyDayByDay!! Rah-rah-rah!!

  2. Loved Madonna’s performance. She did not disappoint!

  3. Barbara Campbell says:

    couldn not have said it better-amen sista!

  4. Kim says:

    I feel the same way–at least Steve isn’t a football guy! You married into it–I think there should be warning labels on potential mates 🙂

  5. I can’t deny it I did know what I was getting into but jumped in with both feet anyway… after 7 months of dating. I think in my youth I believed I was going to eventually enjoy football too. Still waiting for that to happen.

  6. I knOw how that feels. We can’t real force ourselves on something that we are not passionate about. But I do go on superbowl nights for fun and laughter with friends… Plus the ofcourse, the food! Have a beautiful day.

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