Wow I am quite an artist!

Well not really but I feel like one. This is my masterpiece! I created it at Claytime in Huntington, New York.  I am very impressed with my artistic ability.  I tend to get a little carried away with myself, this might be one of those times. I think I will keep my day job.

I was searching for something fun to do with the kids on our last day of Spring Break. The weather wasn’t cooperating, it wasn’t very springy so outdoor activities were out.  Thankfully my friend came up with Claytime which was both indoors and fun.

There are several of these clay studios/stores in the area. It is great because everyone gets to pretend they are an artist for an afternoon. The kids love it but for adults it is especially fun because when was the last time you were able to let your creative juices flow? Maybe art class in elementary school… And how long ago was that?

When you enter the studio you get to choose what clay piece you want to paint. The pieces are all lined up on shelves with prices clearly labeled. Prices run the gamut and they have everything from cups to plates to banks to statues. Anything you can imagine is there to paint. Of course the tricky part is trying to convince your child to choose a piece that won’t break the bank but at the same time won’t take up too much room in your house. Or better yet try and convince them to choose something useful.

My oldest chose a huge coffee cup reminiscent of the cups Rachel and Ross used at Coffee Perks on Friends. Very useful! My middle chose a bank, she is quite the money saver so at least it will serve a purpose. The youngest chose a princess jewelry box. Well she is a princess and has a lot of jewelry!

Once you have made your choice you can choose up to six colors on you palette. The staff sets you up and there are a plethora of brushes of all different types and sizes available. The even have stamps for decorating your piece, lest anyone think I actually painted that design on my plate.

In addition to the price of the clay piece you also pay a fee for the studio per person.  At Claytime the cost was $8 for adults and $6 for children. The price also includes glazing and firing as well as helpful staff who are on hand to help the kids with their projects. The pieces are not available to take home immediately you have to return in a week to pick them up. However, it is worth the wait because they look so professional when the are completed regardless of the painting job.

Like almost every other establishment on the planet they offer birthday parties in addition to open studio hours. There is even an adults only night on Thursdays where you can bring in food and drink. I am thinking a bottle of wine and a mommy’s night out… Maybe as soon as I have a free night… Wondering when that will be?

But until then I will be finding a prominent place in my dinning room to hang my masterpiece!

Our finished pieces!

We all had a really great time at Claytime!

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