Summer Is Not Over Yet… Adventureland Fun!

Summer is not over yet…

There are still a few great things you can do before summer ends!

A family favorite of our is to visit Adventureland on 110 in Farmingdale, New York. My kids are huge amusement park enthusiasts. There is nothing they like more than a day at an amusement park. Rides and games are big at my house and the girls often ask to go to Adventureland. This is one request I really don’t mind granting. Adventureland is so much fun for the kids and reasonably priced. For only $23.99 you can purchase a Pay One Price Ticket for a bracelet for access to all the rides. A pretty good price considering the church fairs I take the kids to over the summer are $25.00 for a Pay One Price ticket and  cannot be compared to a legitimate amusement park like Adventureland. It really is a great bang for your buck.

All three kids are able to find rides to enjoy at Adventureland. With three daughters of such varying ages it is getting harder and harder to find activities they all enjoy. Adventureland is one place we can all go and have a good time and make great family memories.

There are definite height requirements and Amelia gets shut out of some of the bigger rides like the log flume and the big roller coaster. However there are plenty of rides just for her that her sisters are too big to go on. Amelia really likes that! The whole front of the park is basically dedicated to the smaller kids. There are great rides like the small swings, which is a miniature version of the big swings. They stand side by side which is great because the big kids can go on the regular swings and the Amelia can go on the little swings all at the same time.

The rides in the front are so cute and cater to the little ones.

Amelia has a great time on the cars, motorcycles, helicopters, and my favorite the little cars that go around the Eiffel Tower- a little bit of Paris in the USA.

Mini Roller Coaster


Mini Cars

There is also an adorable ladybug roller coaster in the middle of the park. All three kids can go on it together and they love it. My kids are seasoned roller coaster riders and they even go so far to pose for the camera when they ride the roller coaster. Of course then I am inclined to buy the picture because they are just too cute and funny with their hands up and their mouths in the perfect mock “I am enjoying myself so much” scream. I think they all have a real future as actresses in amusement park commercials!

For the big kids there is so much to do including a great roller coaster, log flume, bumper cars, haunted house, and antique cars. The antique cars are my favorite.

Antique Cars

I remember loving them as a kid when my parents would take me to Adventureland. I would love to drive the antique cars I thought I was really driving a car! The track seemed so long then but now looking at it I can’t help but wonder if they have shortened the track over the years or maybe my memory is not as good as I think it is, which I am sure is the case.

The Fun House

The Big Roller Coaster

The Haunted House Ride – which may not be so scary since Amelia went on it and came out laughing!

The Ferris Wheel

To beat the heat there are plenty of water rides and you will get wet!! My kids wanted to know where we could buy towels after they got off the ride.

Caution you will get wet!

Mini Log Flume

Water Rides

Of course no park experience would be complete without food and treats. The food is pretty decent and the prices are good. I assumed the first time I went with my kids that it would be a typical amusement park price gouge and I would have to pay $15 for chicken and french fries, but that was not the case at all.

They even have a cup you can purchase and refill for 99 cents for the rest of the season. I am a sucker for refillable souvenir cups and can’t resist purchasing one. Naturally the next time I go I won’t be able to find the cup but the fact that I can purchase a drink for only 99 cents compels me to buy it anyway.

The Refillable Souvenir Cup

Adventureland is a great place for families and your kids will have a great time.  I hope we can squeeze in one more trip before the weather gets too cold. I just hope no one asks me where the refillable cup is…

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  1. Jen Hein says:

    GREAT write up, thanks!!

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