Traces… not your typical circus!

Summer is not over! Summer is not over! Summer is not over!

I can say it three times and click my heels but it’s not going to change the fact that the clock is ticking and summer is dwindling away. In my effort to find fun and exciting ways to enjoy the last few days of summer, my husband and I found ourselves at the Show Traces Monday night.

My husband and I were blown away by Traces. It was an amazing show that kept us riveted for 90 minutes. From the explosive show opener to the exciting closing I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. The high-flying acrobatics and the death defying stunts left me “Oohing and aaahhing” the entire show.

For those of you who don’t know Traces is a circus performance, but like no other circus you have ever experienced. There are no clowns, three rings, or animal acts but rather a fusion of contemporary dance, acrobatics, theatre, poetry and music. It’s like the circus all grown up with lots of gritty raw emotion.

The performers are dynamic and you are immediately drawn into the show. It is thrilling to watch as they flip around the stage with such physical agility and at the same time they are both real, heart felt and funny. I loved watching the performers jump, dance, and flip about the stage with such ease.

Traces has a gritty street performance feel that I really enjoyed. The show has many levels. There are the stunts with pure physicality but at the same time the performance also has lots of emotion and at time is both comical and sensual. And I would be remiss if I didn’t also point out that the male performers are gorgeous! Not too dismiss Valerie the only female performer who is a terrific performer and her strength and agility is awe-inspiring.

You can see Traces at The Union Square Theatre, 100 East 17th Street (between Park Ave South and Irving Place), but hurry it’s closing September 2nd!

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