Fall is here!

Have you noticed it?

That cool chill in the early mornings.

The subtle wind that chills you even though the sun is shining.

The cravings for apple cider and pumpkin pie. 

The quintessential signs of fall have been creeping up on us.

I have been clinging desperately to summer and I have not wanted it to end. I just love the long lazy days. The lack of activities is what I savor most about summer. The absence of a busy schedule has made summer my favorite season as an adult.

I am definitely the queen of denial but even I can no longer deny that the seasons are changing and we are have landed firmly into fall. The signs were all there I just chose to ignore them. The kids have already been back to school for over two weeks. All of the fall activities are back in full swing.  We are back at soccer games and practices as well as dance classes on the weekends. The PTA meetings have begun and Back to School Nights have all been held. Time to take my head out of the sand and admit fall is definitely here to stay.

Time for me to embrace the season or be left behind  wondering on the first day of winter “Where did the fall go?” 

Even though the hectic schedules are already in progress there are so many great fall activities to take advantage of like pumpkin and apple picking. And who doesn’t love the colors of fall? The beautiful reds and oranges hues that decorate the landscape as the leaves change color?

The changing of the seasons will always remind me of my grandmother. My entire childhood she would call me on the first day of each season to let me know it was the first day of fall, winter, spring, or summer. In honor of that tradition I turned the tables on my 94-year-old grandmother and I called her to let her know today was the first day of fall. She chuckled recalling all the years she called me to do the very same thing.

So get out your jackets and get ready for some fall fun. That is if you can manage to schedule it in around soccer games, dance classes, and homework!

Happy fall.

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4 Responses to Fall is here!

  1. Fall is by far my favorite season!!

  2. John Reyes says:

    Fall Golf anyone? I use yellow balls, but now that the leaves are starting to change, I need to switch back to white!!
    Nothing like a warm fall day!!

    • Ha Ha I never thought about colored golf balls. I guess yellow won’t help you when you hit into the woods! Although I am sure that never happens to you. I hear there are glow-in-the-dark balls for playing at night… Night golf anyone?

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