Do you think the fashion gene skips a generation?

I always wonder whether fashion sense is a gene. Doesn’t it seem like some people are just born knowing the latest trends and who the hot designer is. Some people just know how to put their clothes together and they look like they stepped off a runway. It’s got to be genetics. How else would someone know how to wear a scarf the correct way? Every time I wear a scarf  it looks like I am going out in a blizzard- I just can’t pull it off.

Tonight I had an interesting and new experience as a mom. My tween daughter helped me pick out my outfit for work. This was new for us. My sister had just given me a great fashionable shirt she had purchased while traveling in London. As I was trying it on in my room and getting my outfit ready for work, Caroline wandered in and started fiddling with my shirt. Her eyes began to light up as she pulled and placed my shirt and made sure the belt was placed correctly. Then she progressed on to my shoes and jewelry. She even went as far as to add a jacket to make my ensemble complete. I marveled at how she stood back and evaluated her work each time she made an adjustment. Her eyes were shining so brightly, clearly she loves fashion. After the last appraisal of her work, she told me I looked good, but should wake her up in the morning before work to make sure I got it right before I left the house.

So funny. Not that long ago I was making sure she looked good before she left the house. Making sure those pig tail parts were straight and her dress was neat and pressed. How the tables have turned.

She must have the gene! My sister does and sadly I think it missed me. Don’t get me wrong I am not a complete fashion disaster. It’s not like I am rocking mom jeans. Fashion just doesn’t come easy for me. Fortunately for me I have a fantastic sister who assists in dressing me when needed and who introduced me to Lucky Magazine.

Lucky is a great source for fashion and shopping. The magazine is packed with great pictures and articles that help the fashionably challenged like me. It even comes with sticky tabs to mark off your favorite pages.

So much of this growing up and tweens business makes me nostalgic and a little melancholy. However not his time, this was different. I enjoyed this new level of our relationship. I think it is going to be fun having my own personal fashion designer.

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7 Responses to Do you think the fashion gene skips a generation?

  1. I do believe it does! My grandmother is so fashionable and a total girly girl. My mom would rather be watching a baseball than shop. I definitely got my Grammy’s fashion gene!

    • Thanks God for Grandmas- aren’t they the best. My grandma is 94 and for most of her life wore a scarf and a pin to match her outfit. She wouldn’t leave the house otherwise.

  2. jhunterbari says:

    I hope it skips a generation. When I walk around the stores all I do is feel sorry for Erin that I have no idea how to buy clothes!

    • I guess that was why were best friends! Erin can stay with us and Caroline can teach her everything she knows. Caroline and I go to Marshalls and I look around exasperated because it is such a mess of clothes she can work over and pick out great shirts from a rack I completely disregarded! It is uncanny!

  3. Kelly Stilwell says:

    Yes! I experience this on a regular basis, too, with my teen daughter. If she rolls her eyes, I know I need to change my clothes!

    • Although I am not a fan of the eye roll- which I sometimes receive as well- I do like that I am getting good advice. However, check back in few years, it might wear thin by then!

  4. jeana reyes says:

    I am glad to see all that time talking to your belly when you were pregnant with her about fashion paid off!

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