Do It Yourself Haircut

Do it yourself projects have become increasingly popular. Everyone everywhere is doing it themselves these days. However, this was one DIY project I could have lived without 

The Do It Yourself Hair Cut.



Amelia had been begging me to play Connect Four with her and she vanished to the playroom to get the game. I have been a parent long enough to have known better. She vanished for a pretty long time… never a good sign. But rather than read the signs I enjoyed the quiet time and foolishly thought she was quietly playing and had forgotten about our Connect Four match.

Finally, she came down the attic stairs Connect Four in hand a big smile on her face and her hair all messed up. Right away I noticed the blunt crooked cut of her bangs. “Amelia did you cut your hair?”

Immediately her hand flew to her forehead and her smile disappeared. Suddenly embarrassed she shouted, “Don’t tell anyone!” I laughed at her innocence because it didn’t matter whether I told anyone it was a haircut that couldn’t be missed.

I suppose cutting your hair is a rite of passage. I was thankful she didn’t hurt herself with the scissor. However, after I was thankful she didn’t poke her eye out, I was a little aggravated because Easter was in a few days as were her school spring pictures. Of course she couldn’t cut her hair in January when there are no major picture opportunities and hair is mostly hidden under hats and ski helmets.


When she realized I was upset she became so sad that I couldn’t even get that mad at her. She knew it was wrong and promised to never do it again. Encouraging her to keep her promise I threw in some motivation by promising to take away ALL her toys if she does it again.

I have tried to understand what possesses a child to pick up a scissor, a tool that they know is not to be played with, and think, “Let me chop of this huge chunk of bang!” Amelia has not been forthcoming in her reasoning and the truth is there is probably no logic to it.

Luckily big flowers and headbands are in fashion and I have been able to hide most of the chop job under a big flower. At home she walks around with her crooked blunt bangs and we have really gotten used to it. Actually it kind of matches her personality.


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2 Responses to Do It Yourself Haircut

  1. Jane cammaraat says:

    Omg! Too cute! Faith did it at the same age! ( just once!) she too wore headbands the whole rest of the year! ( the thick stretchy kind!!) I had long pigtails as a child and cut off , only one of them, right down to the scalp! Mom took me to get a pixie n I looked like a boy in all our key west Easter pictures! Ha!

  2. auntiejanola says:

    Oh so good she did not hurt herself. I remember when I cut my brother’s hair when I was her age. I guess it happened because I had a Barbie doll with ridiculously long hair and a pair of children’s scissors to “play” with it and I thought I am such a good hairdresser I can do my brother’s hair, too. I will never forget my mum’s look on her face when she saw him! :))

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