That’s Some Pig!

That’s Some Pig… No not Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web but rather the pink monstrosity that has been residing in my daughter’s room all summer.

Honestly I am not a huge fan of stuffed animals. As a child I never kept them on my bed and didn’t even sleep with one. As a mom my dislike for stuffed animals has grown tremendously. They are dust collectors that take up too much room and don’t really do anything! So of course I was blessed with a child who adores stuffed animals. We have reached the absolute stuffed animal limit at my house. Which is what prompted me to institute the stuffed animal rule. For every stuffed animal you get whether at a carnival, a birthday party, from grandma… wherever it doesn’t matter- you must give one away. It works pretty well most of the time. She never actually gives one away but it keeps her from asking for more.

A big source of stuffed animals…Church fairs. Don’t get me wrong fairs are fun and a huge summer must-do. There are so many fairs and feasts in my area we could literally have sausage and peppers and zeppoles all summer long!!

The kids love the rides and the games. Personally I am not a big game lover, kind of seems like a waste of money to me, and the prizes- stuffed animals not interested. However, the kids love to play them and win the silly toys and prizes. At this point they know better than to ask me to play games because the answer is no but they can usually con family members into playing a few games.

Which brings me to my pig. My sister and her husband took the kids to one of the church fairs while my husband and I were out. At the end of the night I got a call from my sister. Apparently my daughter was hysterical because her uncle had won her a stuffed animal and she was upset because she was just positive that I was going to be mad at her. My sister said she was despondent.

Really?? I am a that much of a monster??? Forget that- I don’t think I want the answer.

Naturally I didn’t want her to continue to be so upset. So he won her a pig we would find a spot for him. It was just one stuffed animal and it wouldn’t make that much of a difference on her already crammed bed. My sister tried to explain that it was a really big pig, but I completely disregarded her warnings because how big could it be?

How big?? Pretty big. I was knocked off my socks when I got home. I wasn’t mad because it was kind of funny. The pig is so big that I could barely get him up the stairs and into my daughter’s room. He barely fits!

And there Hamilton has sat all summer. The kids chose to name him Hamilton, I pushed for Pink in a nod to Pink Floyd’s flying pig but I was overruled. When school starts Hamilton may have to be relocated… Anyone interested in a big pink pig???

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11 Responses to That’s Some Pig!

  1. jeana says:

    i still cannot believe John won her that pig!!

  2. Cordory says:

    I love that pig:)

  3. Terry says:

    Thanks for the chuckle! Glad to see and hear about your summer adventures! See you soon!

  4. lane says:

    if you wanna get rid of it i may be interested. giant stuffed pigs are hard to find

  5. Carl says:

    Who makes that pig?

  6. cinthia says:

    By any chance, do you still have the pig? lol.

  7. This is a perfect pig for our marketing campaign. Would your daughter consider loaning her pig out for a photo shoot? No, this is not a crazy e-mail. My husband and I just opened a bike shop named “The Pedaling Pig” in Darien, GA. A very quaint, historical shrimping village. We are planning to do a photo shoot called “Pig on Bike,” to promote the bike shop and our historical bike tours. We would be willing to pay the shipping both ways if it’s not too expensive. Of course we would make sure your daughter got copies of her pig exploring Georgia. Our web-site is

    Thanks for your consideration,

    Annette and Joe Stacy

  8. King James says:

    I would love that big gigantic pig so bad I have been trying to get it everywhere!!!!!so I would difently want this pig.

  9. Jb says:

    I’m actually looking for this giant pig. I was just at a carnival and they have the small ones. I know it’s many years late but if you have it. What’s the label say. I want to know who makes it

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