Kindergarten Registration- She is growing up too fast!

Amelia when she was cute and cuddly!                    Sisterly love.

I can’t believe it is already time for my baby to head off to Kindergarten. What’s really crazy is that we still call her baby, and she is four. But I can’t help it she is my baby!!! Even when she runs around the house telling me she loves Justing Beiber- she is still just a baby to me. Caroline and Grace seemed so big to me when they were four. Not this baby, not Amelia. She is still my little pumpkin. It is funny how as parents we really keep those last borns little forever. When it was time for the other girls to head off to Kindergarten I was so excited. I wanted them to start their school journeys and I was so thrilled for them. Yet with Amelia I am so sad! When did my baby get so big. And what’s worse is that instead of grounding my sorrows my friends are all saying, “Kindergarten already?” They are as bad as I am.

I think I am feeling so sad because I know the reality of how fast it all flies by once they start Kindergaten. In a blink of an eye she is going to be in high school. Caroline, my oldest will be entering the high school next year. And I will be a crazy mom with a child in each of the three schools in my district. I can’t even begin to think about high school… That is for another post on another day. At least Kindergarten is chartered waters. Who knows what high school has to bring?

But I digress, my baby is going off to kindergarten. I had to sign her up yesterday. I had the morning off so I could go to the school with all the proper paperwork. I printed all the forms on-line and filled them all out the night before. I even knew, by some miracle, where her birth certificate was. But you know “best laid plains” never seem to work out. I arrived an hour later than planned at the school. This always happens to me when I take time off. I try to do too many things because I think I have endless time since I am not running off to work. Well instead I was running off to the school- with the dishes on the table and no beds made. How could that possible be since I was off all morning? Anyway, I get to the school and there are additional forms to fill out. I am now rushing to finish and fill out most of the forms wrong. Putting my name where my email should be. Writing my first name where my last name should go, all silly stuff. Then I go to hand in my forms all messy with scratched out writing and discover I need my mortgage statement, which I didn’t think I need. I guess I really need to start reading directions more carefully. So, I have to quickly dash home and then back again to the school to try it all over again. Thankfully, she is now registered for Kindergarten and I made it to work, finally.

I am going to have to learn to live with the fact that she is growing up. I know she is okay with growing up and is really excited about Kindergarten. I suppose that I will have to just deal with it. She told my  mother that it was the most exciting day of her life because her mother was signing her up for Kindergarten. Maybe I will just stop blinking.

My future Kindergartner

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9 Responses to Kindergarten Registration- She is growing up too fast!

  1. jeana james-reyes says:

    I cannot believe how grown she is, Ameila will always be the baby!!

  2. john says:

    This is great! I look forward to reading your blog every day. Amelia is looking forward to

    Kindergarten, but as you know she will always be the baby!

  3. jhunterbari says:

    It surprised me how sad I was when Erin went to Kindergarten. I completely knew that she would be great and have so much fun. She practically ran onto the bus. I know Amelia will be the same. Meanwhile, we hold back the terse, out on a happy face and wave goodbye! Luckily you have a few months left of baby bliss!
    Can BELIEVE Caroline is going into high school next year!

    • I am glad to hear I am not the only one. But it is great to know that Erin loves school. I am sure Amelia will love it too. I am the one with the problem. I should have had more children. However, BJ says I would have needed another husband. Three was definitely his limit.

  4. jhunterbari says:

    I meant to say CAN”T believe!

  5. MeghanQ1 says:

    This is all too sweet! I remember when my youngest went off to school! So sad, but when they come home after that first day and tell you about all of the fun they had, there is no better feeling!

  6. You are right. Especially with two older sisters she is really looking forward to going to kindergarten. And to boot her Aunt is the Phys Ed teacher at her elementary school- so kindergarten will be a party. You just hate to see them grow up. Thanks for reading.

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