Run? Only When Chased!

Only when chased was my standard line when anyone dare suggest I try running. My older sister is a runner and had always insisted it was a great way to keep in shape. Basically, I am pretty stubborn and I refused to listen. I hated running and I hated runners. Runners in their shorts in the freezing cold running on the side of the road, precariously close to my car. I hated them and their discipline. Mostly because when I tried to run for more than a few seconds I was completely out of breath.

If I ever had been chased I would have been caught pretty quickly.

I have to admit when I am wrong, Unfortunately, I have to do that a lot. I love running and runners!

I am now one of those people running on the side of the road about to be run over. I don’t know how it happened. I can’t really explain how the transformation occurred. For years on and off I was a walker. I would walk 2 miles a few times a week. Then, miraculously, on one  of those walks three years ago I started to run and I haven’t stopped. I am no Forrest Gump but I did turn into a runner.

I became slightly obsessed and I began to register for local 5K’s. I have come to learn that I love competition. I love running races! It’s a great adrenaline rush. It’s not about winning or even being fast, it is the thrill of finishing. It doesn’t matter that I come in 307 out of 600, all that matters is crossing the finish line.

I have even advanced to half marathons, 13.1 miles. People who knew me back in high school can’t even believe that I can run let alone run 13 miles. My best friend from high school was shocked to learn I was running, since in high school I couldn’t even navigate her family’s living room. I would actually trip over the furniture. I was extremely accident prone and even broke my leg twice.

I am still pretty accident prone but that is not my biggest obstacle. Finding the time to run is a huge obstacle. With working and taking care of the kids it is hard to carve out time to run. Luckily,I have a very supportive  family who is willing to help out and watch the kids so I can go running.

Other than childcare and finding the time, running is really pretty easy. I truly believe that anyone can run. If you start off slow you can definitely build up to whatever your goal might be, even a half marathon. When I was training for the half marathon I only had to run four days a week. It was very manageable. I followed a great website for beginner runners.  It is filled with great tips and the training schedules are really easy to follow.

My best friend while running, besides an hysterical running partner who can keep me laughing for 10 miles, is my  IPod Nano . This is the greatest running invention of all time. There is no big bulky arm band to put on it clips right to your shirt or shorts. Unlike the shuffle, which also has a clip, you can add and listen to playlists. It is amazing! It also has a built in pedometer and Nike features that help to track your fitness goals.

I have already signed up for the Long Island Half Marathon on May 6th. Hope I can do it again.

My mother, sisters, daughters, and I after running/walking a 5K race.

Running it’s contagious.

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1 Response to Run? Only When Chased!

  1. jeana james-reyes says:

    I think it is great that you signed up for another half marathon in may i will attend!

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