One for the Money… here at last!

The wait is over for  Janet Evanovich fans. One for the Money hits theaters this Friday. Ever since I began my journey into the Stephanie Plum series, I have been eagerly anticipating the big screen version of the first book in the series. My sister in-law suggested I read One for the Money several summers ago. At first, completely judging it by its hot pink, yellow and green cover, I scoffed at. It was not a book for me. I read police crime dramas not dopey chick books. However, at some point that summer I must have picked it up and began reading it.

I am so glad that I did. I loved it. After reading the first book in the series I immediately read the second, third, fourth and so on, straight through to the eleventh book. My sister in-law would finish each one and then pass it off to me. That summer we breezed through the whole series. This is not a testament to my superior reading ability, they are easy reads. The plots and the characters are so funny! I actually laugh out loud while I am reading. A habit which completely irritates my husband. He is skeptical and can’t grasp why I need to laugh out loud. He insists they can’t be that funny. He just doesn’t know Stephanie Plum.

Eighteen books later, I do and I love her. Finally, a heroine I can get behind. She is not perfect in anyway. In fact she is hilariously opposite of perfection. She has no food in her cupboards and no clean clothes in her closet. Her lack of household skill results in her popping by her mother’s house for dinner and to get her laundry done. Her mother is neurotic and her grandmother is crazy and they drive her completely nuts.

Stephanie is real and lovable, a great character. Every year I am anxious to order the latest installment. I am hungry  to dive in and read about the preposterous situations she finds herself in. The situations are many since she is employed as a bounty hunter. Of course she is a terrible bounty hunter, yet she does manage to stumble into success from time to time. Stephanie is so nutty but at the same time there is a touch of her we can all relate to. In addition, the ensemble cast of eclectic characters she interacts with are icing on the cake. It is a perfect recipe for a laugh out loud easy read.

So finally the wait is over… the movie is coming out in a few days. I can’t believe it I am so excited. Stephanie Plum is hitting the big screen. But wait… Katherine Heigle as Stephanie Plum, seriously?  How is pretty perfect Katherine Heigl going to portray completely imperfect Stephanie Plum.

I have my doubts, but I am hoping that she can pull it off. You spend so much time with a series and you have very distinct ideas about what the characters look like. Why doesn’t anyone ask me when they are casting a movie? I realize I may walk away disappointed which is often the case when books are made into movies. Anyone remember The Firm? By far the the worst movie adaptation of a book.

At the end of day I am still pretty excited it is coming out and I am truly looking forward to seeing it. Casting choices aside I think it will be a really good movie. What is even better is, Groupon is offering 60% of tickets for One for the Money. The Groupon is through Hollywood Movie Money and is good for use at most theaters. I purchased two tickets for $12. A great deal!

“One for the Money” The Movie – Online Deal

Take a peak… maybe you will fall in love with Stephanie too.

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5 Responses to One for the Money… here at last!

  1. jeana reyes says:

    That does look like a cute movie but I guess I should probably read the book!

  2. DP says:

    I personally can’t wait for the “the phantom menace” 3D!!!! Yes one more way for lucas to exploit every inch of his movies out of a huge geek like me!! 🙂

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