The Lost Week

I think I blinked…

A minute ago it was Sunday night

Now it is Monday night a week later.

Where did last week go?

Last Sunday I had just arrived home from a ski weekend with the in-laws. My mind was preoccupied the entire ride thinking about all the activities and matters that needed attention in the upcoming week.  It was going to be a busy one and I definitely needed to bring my “A” game.

Girl Scout Cookies needed to be picked up, unpacked, sorted and delivered. In addition my Partylite Candle orders also needed to be unpacked, sorted and delivered. And finally, to make matters worse, I had to separate into classes Yankee Candle Packets for a PTA fundraiser that I am running for both elementary schools. Throw in a yearbook meeting, Board of Education Meeting, Valentine’s Day, and dinner with a College friend- I was in way over my head, I just didn’t know it at the time.

I was full of energy on the two hour car ride home and had formulated many grandiose plans on how I was going to  get it all done. The answer was simple I would stay up, no matter how late, and get it done. This way I wouldn’t be pressed for time or rushing for the rest of the week. I would be a step ahead.

Unfortunately, none of these plans became a reality.

I pulled into the driveway full of enthusiasm that quickly died out by the time I got the kids in the house, got them ready for school, and into bed. I don’t know what happens, but every night I turn back into a pumpkin around 9:00. I just can’t stay awake! I try so hard to stay awake but I am never successful. All car ride long I talked myself into staying up and getting a jump start on all the chores that needed to be completed. However, my bed starts to call to me and I can’t resist. I did no unpacking, sorting, or separating… I didn’t even unpack the car. Luckily I sent my husband out to get the Girl Scout Cookies or they might still be on the cookie mom’s porch.

So that started my week off on the wrong foot and then the next thing I knew it was Monday night a week later.

I woke up Monday, not too panicked because it was only Monday after all. The saving grace was I had thought to run out and get Valentine’s Day gifts the week before,  at least I was covered there. Monday night we celebrated Valentine’s Day with dinner at my mother’s house. I had to work late so only arrived at 6:00 and had to leave at 8:00 for a Board of Education Meeting. Needless to say nothing else was accomplished that night.

Tuesday was Valentine’s Day and I was determined to make a nice dinner for my family. I went to the butcher and ran in to get chicken cutlet. I was completely distracted by my thoughts, worried about getting home in time to cook dinner that I walked right past the parking meter. As luck would have i,t when I got out of the butcher ten minutes later there was the meter maid giving me a ticket. Happy Valentine’s Day to me! A little speed bump, but I forged ahead racing home to cook dinner. At seven, an hour later than planned, we had a lovely family dinner. After dinner BJ had to bring in all of the Girl Scout Cookies. We were storing them in his truck for fear the dog would eat the cookies boxes and all. My daughter Grace helped and we sorted them. One job done. It was only Tuesday not so bad.

Wednesday morning panic started to settle in. I had to get the Yankee Candle packets to the schools in order for them to be distributed to the students before February break. Also, Barkley, our dog had been eating the cardboard boxes they came in. It was becoming a big mess and I was worried he might actually eat the packets. I quickly sorted them into 40 classes of 27 each before work. I couldn’t be late for work so I left the task of delivering the packets to the elementary schools up to my mother and sister-in-law. One more job done. It was only Wednesday not terrible.

Wednesday afternoon I had a photo shoot with my sister-in-law and her kids. We were taking a long overdue grandkid shot for my mother-in-law. Even though it was a crazy week it had to be done that day because my sister-in-law had a Groupon for Clix which was about to expire. When we returned from the photo shoot I quickly began unpacking and sorting the PartyLite boxes, which also were being eaten by the dog. Fortunately, he doesnt’ like candles. I gave the kids a quick dinner and was off again to meet my college friend, Kerri, for dinner. Chalk up one more job finished.

Thursday thankfully was a little slower. Another quick dinner for the family and I was off again to a yearbook meeting. I was also able to bring in the suitcases which had been in the car since the weekend.

Friday. Finally I had made it to the weekend and the start of vacation. My focus now was getting ready for a week away skiing and distributing the last of the cookies and the candles.

So at last I am here wondering where my week went.

Is it really a mystery? Don’t I really know where it went?

Almost all of the reasons I was so busy were brought on by myself. As mothers do we spread ourselves to thin? Is it necessary to volunteer for every committee, to say yes to everything?  What am I trying to prove? I am I trying to be supermom? In the end, I got everything done,but was it worth it?

My husband certainly feels that I do too much.

After a week like this sometimes I think he is right… (just don’t tell him I think so)

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2 Responses to The Lost Week

  1. Following you from Musings Of A Housewife. I am not quite sure where time goes anymore, but right now, the faster it goes, the closer we are to Spring. Have a good week!

  2. Meredith says:

    This is so tough–I try so hard to be mindful of our time, but am rarely successful. Am now working on the “everything is a season” attitude. As in, if your season right now, is cookies and candles, just embrace that?? 😉

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