Who has time to smell the flowers?

I love the spring time. I wait and wait in anticipation all winter for the spring weather to finally come. I love all the new growth and the colorful flowers. Spring is such a  wonderful time of renewal. After being closed up in your house all winter you can finally go outside. The neighborhoods begin to bustle as everyone emerges from their houses to meet on the streets to talk and play. The parks are full of kids laughing and playing.

So now that spring is finally here… who has time to smell the flowers.  The only spring blooms I have seen are a soccer ball and a lacrosse stick!

I see my neighbors in the street talking and laughing and they see me speed into the driveway, run into the house, grab soccer or lacrosse equipment and speed out again. No spring chatter for me I just get the neighbor wave and the passing comment, “Wow, you guys are never home.”

Instead of spending idyllic afternoons at the park all I have done is chauffeur children from one spring sporting event to the next. It has been a rat race since the first day of spring. Both of my girls play soccer & lacrosse and I am having such a hard time keeping up with the practices and games.

People foolishly ask me where games or practices are being held. My husband coaches on both lacrosse teams and obviously they think I have inside information. They might as well ask me the rules of either sport too while they are at. I  have no answers. I am constantly searching for emails on my bb that list the times and places of games. Good thing I never delete an email! I need to sit down and right out the schedules of practices and games along with their locations and  times. I have grandiose plans to accomplish this task. I even plan to color code for children and events, but who has the time? Maybe this weekend.

Throw in the mix both their birthdays, Easter,  a communion or two and say goodbye to spring.

It really is my favorite time of year and I am a little bummed out that I am missing it all. I find myself not looking forward to the weekends anymore because there is just no down time. Basically I am just pushing through each weekend hoping the next one isn’t as busy, but we all know it is just a lie I tell myself to get through.

So what’s the answer? Too many activities? I definitely want the girls to play sports. They benefits of playing sports is plentiful. There is tons of research  showing that girls benefit from playing sports. Girls who play sports have increased self-esteem and confidence. Important attributes they will need when navigating the murky waters of middle school. I don’t want to deprive them of being part of a team, however I would like to find a balance so we can enjoy our family and the spring without feeling as though we are spinning on a hamster wheel.

It always comes back to balance. The hardest part about being a family today is trying to find the right balance. Even though it is difficult it is a challenge we all must overcome.

Maybe the answer is simple making the most of the family time that you have. Planning a family night on the one day when there are no activities. Making an effort to get out to the park and take the kids bike riding.

The truth is that these times, no matter how busy they are, will be gone even quicker than we think. Eventually they kids will grow up and I have a feeling we will look back at these busy times with fondness and deep down we will mis them a little.

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1 Response to Who has time to smell the flowers?

  1. jeana reyes says:

    They really do grow up fast

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