It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s a Supermoon!

You might find yourself wondering what you are looking at tonight when you gaze up at the night sky. Have no worries it’s not an apocalyptic event rather it is what scientists have coined a  “Supermoon”

Even if you normally are not a star gazer you should take a peak because tonight’s views are promising to be amazing.

Tonight’s moon will seem much larger in the sky which will afford the beautiful views many will hope to see.

So what is a supermoon? A supermoon occurs when the moon’s orbital path comes closest to the Earth within 12 hours of a full moon. Tonight’s moon will only be 221,802 miles away from the Earth and the moon will become its fullest about a minute later. Perfect timing for outstanding views. During a supermoon the moon appears 14% larger and 30% brighter. The view is actually just an optical illusion. The moon is really no larger but just seems larger due to its proximity.

Besides a gorgeous view what can we expect from a supermoon? Volcanoes… Earthquakes… Tsunamis…. We can all sleep easy even though theories abound on the internet there is no noticeable difference between a supermoon and a full moon.

Scientist insist the myth that a full moon brings out the crazies is just that a myth. I beg to differ. I find myself saying often… must be a full moon. Full moons definitely bring out the crazy. Tonight I will be on the lookout for “supercrazies” to go along with the “supermoon.”

So tonight while you are celebrating Cinco De Mayo don’t forget to put down your margarita around 11:15 and venture outside to see what is promising to be an awesome sight.

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