Happy 94th Birthday Grandma!

Happy 94th Birthday Grandma!

An undated picture of my grandmother, she must be 2 or 3 in this photo

My Grandma was too cute!

My Grandma on her 94th Birthday

I love my Grandma, she is the best. She is an extraordinary woman. 94 year’s old it is just amazing. I am exhausted at 39 I can’t imagine 94!

It is hard to appreciate just how much the world has changed since she was born. Women didn’t even have the right to vote. Our world today barely resembles the one she grew up in. Her world was one without ipads, computers, telephones, cell phones,  internet, or television sets. All of the things we deem necessities and consistently use on a daily basis simply did not exist. Admit it you shuddered a little of the thought of no tv and no cell phone. Come on I am not the only one addicted to my cell phone.

The amount of technology and the rapid pace that the world has advanced must seem mind boggling to a person who has lived through it all.

Life has radically changed since 1918. Forget inventions and technology think about the history she has lived through.  Two World Wars, The Great Depression, Pearl Harbor, The Space Race, the Moon Landing, the Kennedy Assassination, the Civil Rights Movement, The Cold War, The Korean War and Vietnam,  and countless other historic events. Better than any history book is an afternoon with Grandma.

The key to her longevity is flexibility. Although, she didn’t always agree with the direction the world was going in she always took it in stride. A lesson we could all benefit from.

My whole life my grandmother was an integral part of my life. She visited every week and took us shopping, walked us to school on the first day every year. Every important event of my life my grandmother was always there giving her love and support. There were countless sleep overs at her house and many walks to the local convenience store to get comic books.

And of course it goes without saying I am her absolute favorite of the 8 great-grandchildren!

Today she lives with my mother and my children benefit from seeing her everyday. It teaches my children that it is important to respect and care for their elders. A good lesson I hope they remember.

When I get home from work it always gives me a smile to see Grandma watching Power Rangers and Dora with my 4 year old. They are so lucky that they have a great-grandmother who is with it and who they enjoy spending time with.

They are so fortunate that she has been by their sides, just as she was for me, at all of the important events in their young lives. I am sure one day they will look back on their childhoods and be so grateful for the time they had with her.

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1 Response to Happy 94th Birthday Grandma!

  1. jeana james-reyes says:

    It is so nice that the girls can spend so much time with grandma> In fact I heard grandma singing a song to Amelia the other day, “Amelia Ameila won’t want to steal ya”!

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