Did you get your letter???

Did you get your letter? Did the mail come yet?

A small United States Postal Service truck see...

The last weeks of summer can be filled with lots of emotional flip-flopping. One minute you are filled with joy enjoying the summer as you desperately try to cram as much summer joy as possible before the clock runs out. The next the anxiety begins with back to school breathing down your neck. As back to school time crawls closer the question on everyone’s mind is… “Whose class will my child be in this year?”

In my district the letters are sent out this week. It seemed that every conversations this week in town was dominated by this topic. When will the letters come? Who will the teacher be? It’s all anyone can think about. There are lots of theory, tons of conjecture and plenty of anxiety.

Will my teacher be nice?

Will I get the teacher I want?

Will I have in friends in my class?

Often the parents have more anxiety than the children!

Yesterday was the day. I was away for the day visiting friends but thanks to modern technology the texts started around 11. “We got our letters!” “Who did Grace get?”

First of all even if I was home my mail comes around 3 or later! Who knew mail came so early?!!

My daughter was home with my mother. She was gracious enough to go to my house and check the mail. Predictably her letter didn’t come. However, my youngest daughter who is just starting kindergarten and has very little interest in whose class she will be in, gets her letter. Of course she does! Grace who is desperate to find out is forced to wait one more day.

The texts keep coming in. My daughter calls in tears because her anxiety is mounting. It seems we are the only ones in town who didn’t get their letter. My friends advise me to call the school… but wait I am not that mother! I am not going to call the school to find out whose class she is in.

Apparently I am that mother. I called the school secretary, who thank goodness is wonderful, and she told me which class Grace is in. Crisis diverted.

I feel okay about calling since she was the only one who didn’t know. Until I get home and discover that no one from my side of town got their letters from Grace’s school. All of the people I had heard from who live by me must have called too! That poor secretary! She must have had a very busy day.

I gave in to peer pressure!

Looks like there are a few lessons to learn here. How am I teaching my kids to stand up to peer pressure when I cave so easily? And patience seemed to be in short supply today. If I expect the kids to be patient and strong I guess maybe I should be too.

Food for thought.

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