Finding Nemo in 3D Opens Today!


Mommy and Amelia's Day OutLast week Amelia and I trekked into Manhattan to see a preview of Finding Nemo in 3D. Amelia seems to always luck out when I get tickets to previews, maybe it’s because she is the only one who is not playing soccer and therefore has the most free time.

I decided, after 39 years of insisting the train is the easiest way to get to Manhattan from Long Island, that I would drive in to the city. I have GPS how bad could it be?? Well not bad, the trip was pretty short but basically I drove around the world to get into the city. I knew that the directions seemed shaky since it was sending me over the Throgs Neck Bridge which I am pretty sure goes to the Bronx. We usually take the Throgs Neck when we are heading away from NY, but I made a gut decision to follow the GPS basically because I knew I had no idea where I was going and figured I was better off with an automated voice telling me what to do. So over the Throgs Neck Bridge and to the Triborough Bridge to the FDR to the upper east side where the theatre was. Like I said it was fine the trip was quick but basically it was like going through Canada to get to Florida a little round-about. A little bit of over the river and through the woods.

Finally we arrived at the theatre and were treated to a great show. I love Nemo, honestly who doesn’t it is a great movie. The cast is great, Ellen DeGeneres and Albert Brooks make a great team as Dory and Marlin. It really has an – cast Brad Garret, William Dafoe, and Allison Janney are priceless as the trapped aquarium fish. My favorite part about Finding Nemo is that the movie appeals to adults as well as children. Which isn’t always the case so it is nice to find a movie that appeals to the whole family. Some shows and movies the kids like are unwatchable. It’s nice to find a movie that I can laugh at too.

Mostly I only get to listen to Finding Nemo in the car while I am driving and the kids are watching the DVD in the back seat so it really was exciting to see it again and in 3D! The technology is really amazing! I am not a huge 3D fan. I just don’t always see the need to remake a movie in 3D but it really worked for Nemo. The underwater scenes were breathtaking in 3D- you really felt like you were right there with Nemo!

For those of you who have never had a chance to see Nemo I would definitely recommend you take the kids  to see it! Definitely worth the trip to the theatre. The 3D glasses were even shaped to look like goggles- very cute.

Amelia gave it a thumbs up and I agree.

My favorite scene is this one with the school of fish that does imitations…

Amelia’s favorite scene Sharkbait ooh hee ha ha…


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