What’s in a Name?

Name WordleWhat’s in a name?

Proud parents to be spend countless hours pouring over baby name books looking for the perfect name for their perfect baby. There are so many different options for parents to consider; classic names, modern names, trendy names, and even sometimes made-up names. It’s pretty acceptable to name your child anything these days especially if you are a celebrity. I am mean come on with some of these names “North West” “Apple” “Pilot Inspector”

Parents-to-be are under tremendous stress to find a perfect name for the son or daughter. They look everywhere for inspiration favorite book characters, television shows anywhere for that perfect name. Sometimes it takes all 9 months to find a name.

Often parents name their bundle of joy in honor of a relative. My sister and her husband recently had a baby boy and named him Mateo James. Mateo after his paternal great-grandfather and James for my sister’s maiden name.

How cute is he?


After careful consideration and many hours of searching finally a name is chosen. Parents are thrilled once they find the perfect name.

When the baby is born the name is always a perfect fit.

Or so you think until your six year old announcesphoto

“I hate my name can I change it to Madison?”

“Seriously can I?”

Thanks Amelia.

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  1. Jeana reyes says:

    She is one of kind amelia

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