Kidz Vuz Holiday House Party #KVHoliday

At the start of the Holiday Season my daughters and I were lucky enough to get invited to the Kidz Vuz Holiday House Party in NYC. We loved this event last year and were looking really looking forward to it this year.

The Holidays are filled with excitement and my daughters love to go into the city. We headed into Manhattan and the traffic Gods were smiling and we made pretty good time. Once we arrived we were immediately drawn into the party atmosphere. It was intoxicating as we browsed the two floors of the penthouse filled with fabulous sponsors and hot Holiday gift ideas. Kids Vuz is a site all about kids by kids. It’s a place were kids are allowed to have their say. Since they are all about kids they don’t miss a beat when they plan this event they make sure to make it fun for the kids.

I love mingling and talking with the sponsors about the products but my kids really enjoy getting a chance to try out all the games and toys. I was thrilled because my youngest had put “Zoomer” on her list and I had no idea what that was. Well apparently I was living under a rock because it is the hottest toy for the holidays.

Here are my top 10 fab finds from the Kidz Vuz Holiday House Party.

1.) Zoomer the Dog from Spin Master Toys. By far one of the most popular toys we saw that day. A robotic dog ingenuous! All the great things about having a dog without all the cons; the dog hair, allergies, poop, training, etc. We were able to try him out and give  commands and it worked really well Zoomer was able to respond to our commands. You always worry with voice commands if they are actually going to work as well as they do on TV but no worries here Zoomer delivers. Zoomer is going to be a big hit Christmas morning. IMG_2779

2.) Nerf Rebelle from Hasbro My girls loved these nerf guns. They had such a great time shooting the crossbow and guns. They had no trouble figuring them out and were sharp shooters by the time we left. Fun for all ages. IMG_2771IMG_2775

3.) Furby Boom from Hasbro.

Unknown-8Furby is back with an interactive twist. Furby can now interact with a free app on your ipad. In addition to taking care of Furby you can collect hatch and raise furblings with the app. Everytime my 10 year old was out of eyesight I found her playing with the Furby Boom. Both of my younger daughters have Furby Boom on their list.

4.) Twister Dance Rave from Hasbro Although we did not get a chance to play this game I love the idea of it. This twister game integrates dancing and music with no mat but rather colored dots. You can use your own playlists by plugging in your Ipod/ Iphone. What a great idea. It looked like it would be a lot of fun a dance twist on a classic game. A046C5D750569047F52172F60AA0136F

5.) The Official DC Superhero Cookbook published by Downtown Bookworks. My husband is a real superhero fan so I just couldn’t resist this cookbook. Can you just IMG_2781imagine Superman in the kitchen wearing an apron measuring out  ingredients and following the directions? I love it. More than 50 easy recipes a great gift for superhero fans of all ages.

6.) Crafty Pants Clever Costumes published by Downtwon Bookworks. All moms at one time or another have fashioned a costume from IMG_2768things around the house. It’s part of what we do which is why I thought this book craft kit was awesome. This book has over 50 clever DIY costume ideas and includes the duck tape, satin, double stick tape and supplies you need to make them. Perfect gift for crafty moms and kids.

7.) Samsung Galaxy Tablet Everyone who knows me knows that I am an Apple Girl. I have Iphones, Ipads & Imacs. Therefore I didn’t expect to be too impressed Unknown-10by the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, but I have to tell you I was! It had really great features. You can circle an internet site with the stylus and it bookmarks it for you. You could write a contact down with the stylus and it converts your handwriting and adds the person to your contacts. It was those little things time saving features I really liked. I might have to start rethinking my tablet purchases!

8.)  Samsung Galaxy Tab 37.o for kids. Samsung has this tablet designed for kids. It is slightly smaller than their regular tablet and is very kid friendly. Although not included I Unknown-9also liked the bumper case. It seemed as though you could drop it and it wouldn’t be cause for heartbreak. It had a kid friendly interface, parental controls and great apps and games. I also liked that you could convert it to a standard mode when the kids are done playing.

9.) Clear Start fromDermalogica My favorite part of Christmas is the stocking stuffers. I IMG_3114love all the fun things that you find in your stocking. I thought this Clear Start gift set would be the perfect stocking stuffer for my teenage daughter since it is never to early to start taking care of your skin. Everyone wants clear and healthy skin and Dermalogica promises to deliver. However unlike other skin products they are gentler on your skin.

10.) Activity Books from Iscream. Another great stocking stuffer this time for tweens. It’s sometimes difficult when girls are at that “tweeny” age to find appropriate gifts for them. IMG_2766These activities books were fab and my ten year old loved them. There are several to choose from and each features different activities games and puzzles.

Other great sponsors worth checking out

  • 1. HomewoodSuites by Hilton (@HomewoodSuites) Our Title Sponsor wasthe affordable, all suite, Homewood Suites by Hilton– coming to NYC soon!   Congrats to Adam Cohen (aka DadaRocks) for winning a $100 Fresh Direct gift card from Homewood Suites by Hilton!
  • (@audible_com)Take your whole library with you!
  • Nintendo America (@NintendoAmerica)- Family games like the awesome Mario franchise, Wii, WiiU, Wii Fit, 3DS, 2DS.
  • Spin Master Toys  Featuring the wonder of Flutterbye Fairy, and the super cute Kawaii Crush! (@kawaii_crush)
  • The ESRB.  (@OKtoPlay) Making sure you know what your kids are playing.
  • The Broadway League -(@TheBwayLeague) bringing Kids Night on Broadway to theatres around the country.
  • @FairwayMarket, @StonefireNaan, @GoGreenMustache @ChloesFruit, @Zico. Yummy, healthy food and drink!
  •  @FuziPop – making it a party!
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