Keep Your Family Organized with the Post-It Note Weekly Calendar

As the air gets warmer and the flowers start to bloom things kick into high gear in my house. As much as I long all winter for the warm weather I do sometimes miss the quieter slower times during the winter.

Spring activities bloom like the flowers and we are suddenly being pulled in a thousand different directions. When this happens occasionally things get missed. I am not proud to admit but we have missed a few events here and there and even once missed a  Parent/Teacher conference. Nothing new here we are just too busy, like every other family.

Calendars definitely help keep you organized, and I am a big fan of the School District calendar hanging on the fridge. I am such a techie person you might think I would love an electronic calendar but I just can’t seem to make them work. I like a real calendar that I can write on and hang in the kitchen.

The basic problem with a regular wall calendar is that it is just too small. With three kids it’s almost like I need a calendar for each of them. The solution I have found is the Post-It Notes Weekly Calendar. This has been the key to organizing our family.images-47

I love that it is weekly and has long columns for each day. I used the adhesive tape tabs that are included with the calendar and I hung it below my monthly wall calendar. On Sunday I write in all the activities for the week. This is usually when I discover if activities overlap and I can make adjustments- or just cry which I sometimes do.

Nice and empty on Sunday night.

Nice and empty on Sunday night.

In addition I love the the design and the colors of the calendar adds a nice touch to the kitchen. It also comes with post-its on the side. I don’t typically use them for the calendar but they are handy for taking phone messages or writing notes.

The Post-It Notes Weekly Calendar is a big help to keeping my family organized.

Ready for the week

Ready for the week

How do you keep your family organized?

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3 Responses to Keep Your Family Organized with the Post-It Note Weekly Calendar

  1. What a cute calendar. I hate that paper calendars don’t have enough space. I have everything on a Google Calendar and I have a feeling that as the kids get older, I’m going to have to start color coding events by child just so I can keep track of everything! 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Virginia's Easy Living Solutions and commented:
    Super idea for anyone with kids!

  3. What a great idea! I love the colors, as it’s an instant prompt even from a distance. Carry one of each pad in your pocketbook or car, and schedule play dates and other events while you are out. Add them to the calendar on your arrival home! Oh domestic diva!

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