Friday Homemade Pizza Hack

images-19Fridays during Lent for many of us means pizza. At the end of a long week of work and school a pizza is the quickest and easiest meat-free meal.

Of course you could go the homemade route. But honestly whose got the time or energy on a Friday night.

My favorite sort of homemade pizza trick is to go to my favorite pizza place and buy images-17dough. Why recreate the wheel? For under three dollars you are half way to homemade pizza with dough made by professionals.

My kids love it because we wash our hands roll up our sleeves and everyone gets a lump of dough and they are free to create. They make heart shaped pizzas, initial pizzas or shape pizzas whatever their little hearts desire. Add a little sauce and cheese and your done! Once quick word of advice have them make the pizza on the stone or pan you are going to cook it on- we have had trouble in the past transferring pizza works of art to the stone while keeping their shape.

The kids don’t follow any rules as far as  tips for good pizza making go. However here are a few tips for making a good pizza at home.

1.) Turn up the heat. Preheat the oven to 500 degrees. This may seem high but pizza cooks best at high temperatures. Also move the oven rack to the lowest position.images-18

2.) A pizza stone is a must for making pizza. A pizza stone concentrates heat and wicks moisture away from the crust.

3.) Better cheese makes a better pizza. Whole milk mozzarella is the best choice.

4.) Don’t use rolling pins. Although my kids love the rolling pins and have a great time with them you really shouldn’t use a rolling pin. Lightly flour the surface and your hands- the kids totally love this part. Then stretch the dough out with your hands. Try to avoid over handling the dough because it make the dough tough.

5.)Leave an 1-2 inch edge. Put the sauce on the pizza but leave an edge for the crust. When you put the cheese on the pizza follow the sauce line to keep your pizza neat and make a nice crust.

6.) Use a pizza cutter and slice and enjoy!




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1 Response to Friday Homemade Pizza Hack

  1. Aunt jjv says:

    It seems so easy to do. Looking forward to trying:)

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