A Cleaning Party??

A cleaning party?? Really?

When I first got the invitation to a cleaning party I thought, Okay this is different. I am a big fan of home parties and enjoy them all cooking, candles, jewelry, pocketbooks whatever! I am always up for a night out shopping with friends and a glass of wine. But cleaning products… I just didn’t know if I could get into it. Honestly who wants to sit around on a Friday night and look at cleaning products. Amelia even remarked that she didn’t think the hostess would do well.

Since I rarely pass up an invite I made my way over to                                                             my friends house Friday night. 46895704_282x210Well it turns out Anna & Elsa are not the only things to come out of Norway. Norwex is a Norwegian based chemical free cleaning products company whose tagline is Improving Quality of Life.

I have never in my life seen people so excited to clean. The consultant, Denise was literally overjoyed to clean my friend’s house. She was rubbing butter and toothpaste all over the kitchen and bathroom- everywhere and wiping it away until it shined. I don’t think she is a cleaning psychopath I just think she truly loves these products.

In a nutshell they are environmentally friendly cleaning products. You can clean your whole house with water and no chemicals whatsoever. Norwex sells many chemical-free cleaning products but their centerpiece is their microfiber EnviroCloth and Window Cloth.

The Norwex microfiber is embedded with silver which gives it antibacterial properties. I thought this was pretty amazing. I use Clorox Bleach and Antibacterial MultiSurface Windex to clean everything at my house. The thought of using just water and the surfaces will be both clean, polished and bacteria free seems unbelievable.

According to their catalog when used dry the Norwex microfiber produces an electrostatic charge that attracts even the smallest particles of dirt and grease. When used wet the silver particles go to work using their self purification properties against mold, fungi, and bacterial odor. If you thinking this is too good to be true apparently so did Andy from the channel 5 news. Check out this segment on Andy Will it Work?

The Norwex catalog is full of towels, mops, detergents, polishes and other assorted cleaning products. Their cornerstone is the EnviroCloth and Window Cloth microfiber which used as a pair will, according to Denise, clean everything.IMG_0723

In the end I bought a starter kit with both products for $31.99 and the Cleaning Paste for $29.99 which I am told will clean, polish and protect my flat stovetop. I am hoping that the EnviroCloth will work as well as they say and I can cut down on the chemicals I use. Not too mention the paper towels. We go through so many rolls every week which is both expensive and not super for the environment.

When my products arrive I will do a follow up and share how well the work. If you are interested in purchasing products you can check out Denise’s website

Do you consider the environment when you clean? Do you use chemical free cleaners?

This post was not sponsored.

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