Hip Hopping Sock Bunny #DIY #Easter #Craft

Every holiday my daughter likes to make a holiday themed craft. She completed this craft with little to no supervision. The only thing I had to do was buy the materials. She found it on Pinterest and it looked simple enough. It was probably one of the simplest, non-messy crafts we have ever done.

All you need are bobby socks, rice, markers, ribbon, scissors, and rubber bands. Luckily, I had most of the supplies hanging around the house. I went to Target and bought the rice and Circo brand colored and white bobby socks. All in all it was pretty inexpensive.

To make a sock bunny fill a cup with white rice. Then place the sock over the cup and flip over. This will cut down on the mess.

Then take your rice filled sock, that should resemble a sack of potatoes and wrap a rubber band around the top of the sock. Their should be overflow sock and this material will later become the ears. Then wrap a second rubber band around the sock to create a head for the Bunny.

Now you can decorate your Bunny’s face. We tied a bow around its neck and a second sock over its body to make pink sweater for the Bunny.

To create the Bunny’s ears you start at the top of the sock and cut straight down the middle. You can change the length of the ears to suit your style. We also added some pink to the ears to finish them off.

Enjoy this Hip Hop Sock Bunny!IMG_0817


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  1. Jeana reyes says:

    So cute

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