TypeA Parent- A Community for Bloggers

Three years ago I jumped into the blogging world basically with my eyes closed. Looking back now I really had no idea what I was getting into. I was inspired by my friend Vera Sweeney  a blogging superstar who by the way is now starring in a reality show on TLC  What She Said. Vera made it sound fun and easy I couldn’t wait to start blogging.

After I started the blog I realized that connections were an important key to blogging success. I began to join blogging groups on social media sites and started to look into all the conference opportunities for bloggers. That first year I attended the BlogHer conference in NYC. I remember asking one woman what conference would be great for a new blogger. Quickly she replied  TypeA Parent.

It took me another year before I attended my first TypeA Parent Conference. Last year I attended the TypeA Parent Bootcamp in Walt Disney World. It was just awesome! Of course the location couldn’t be better I am mean come on, Disney World.

The people were amazing including CEO and founder of TypeA Parent, Kelby Carr, she couldn’t be nicer. The conference itself was terrific. I loved it and learned so much. I was a little nervous because I was flying solo and didn’t know anyone but if I could describe TypeA Parent in a word it would be Welcoming. I felt like I had found a place where I belonged.

TypeA is the most inviting, supportive and encouraging community for bloggers. Before the actual conference everyone is invited to join the conference Facebook group. Here is where the it all  begins before you even meet face to face. The Facebook group was a great way to meet up and talk to the other attendees.

The Bootcamp Conference itself was just amazing and so informative. The speakers and workshops were insightful and encouraging. The message I left with was you can do it. You can be a success.

All of the speakers were really brilliant but my favorite was Julie Cole the co-founder of Mabel’s Labels. She was inspiring and so down to earth. She seemed like she was one of us and not some super successful businesswoman and blogger, who by the way has 6 children. I mean there is nothing this woman can’t accomplish.

TypeA Bootcamps are only one day. There is a lot of information as well as dynamic conversations among the attendees.  The connections do not end at the close of the conference. The day after the conference I remember a bunch of ladies met up to discuss a take action plan from ideas from the conference. They posted it on the Facebook group and opened it to anyone who wanted to come. Just an amazing bunch of women- and men I would be remiss if I didn’t include them too. For a great recap of last year’s TypeA Parent Bootcamp at WDW check out Nancy from Hip to Housewife.

Since TypeA Parent Bootcamp at WDW I have become active in the TypeA Parent community. I signed up for the newsletter joined the Facebook group. It’s been a game changer for me. I know have the tools and know how to use them to be successful. What I love most is that you can post a comment or question on the Facebook page and you immediately get positive responses and encouragement from some pretty amazing people. The community is filled with bloggers at all levels from novice to superstar but there is no competition and everyone is really there to help and encourage.

I am really looking forward to TypeA Parent Bootcamp in NYC this summer. The focus is brand to blogger relations. If you haven’t bought your pass yet, you should.Type-A Parent New York City Bootcamp (Focus: Brand-Blogger Relations)

In addition to the bootcamp TypeA Parent holds a conference in Atlanta.Type-A Parent 7th Annual Conference (Atlanta, October 8-10, 2015)

At the very least if you are a blogger you should join TypeA Parent and join the Facebook Group. I promise you will be happy you did.

What do you hope for when you go to a conference?

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