Everybody Counts: Harry Bosch TV Series

Remember when Prime Time tv shows could only be found in one of three places NBC, ABC, or CBS. I am talking about a time before there was even a network named FOX.


Do you remember?

Prime time shows were scripted, you knew where to find them, and the season started in the fall and ended in the spring. Life was simple.

Then along came the Sopranos.

What a tv show on a cable station? It can’t be!


It was, and it was awesome.

Thus started the influx of every cable stations creating their own television series. Then television took a turn for reality and now you can’t throw a rock without hitting a reality show.Unknown-4

Now Amazon, your favorite place to buy anything and everything is throwing their hat in the ring. This month they are premiering their second pilot season with 10 new pilots available to stream for free. The pilot shows can be viewed on Amazon Prime Player which is available to all Prime subscribers. You can watch on your Iphone or Ipad or even on your television through Xbox or Apple TV.

The interesting twist is the fate of these pilots lies with the viewers. Whether or not Amazon continues to produce these shows is based on viewers’ input. Viewers through positive feedback will choose the shows that will be made into a series. If you love the show it is important to rate it and share it to ensure Amazon continues to develop the series.

One of the series premiering on Amazon is Bosch. The pilot centers around the life of maverick LAPD detective Harry Bosch based on the novels written by Michael Connelly. I was besides myself with joy when I heard the news that my most favorite book series might be turned into a television series.

My initial excitement turned to trepidation as I pondered, could it be done? Would Bosch live up to my expectations? I have read each and every Bosch book more than once and he is one of my favorite literary characters.

I love everything about Bosch from his no nonesense demeanor to his inability to get along with authority. But what I really love is his  clear sense of right and wrong and his motto that “Everybody Counts or Nobody Does” He is a little dark a little sweet and a little tortured all rolled into one which results in a phenomenal compelling character.

Unknown-3However, bringing a book to life whether on the big or small screen is a difficult task. How many books have been ruined when they were turned into bad films? Too many to count. I mean we all saw The Firm, right?

Bad movies aside, Sunday I finally settled down to stream the pilot. I was filled with nervous excitement because I was still concerned it wouldn’t live up to my expectations and I would be disappointed. Thankfully my fears were unfounded, and I was completely thrilled with the pilot. They hit it out of the park. Titus Welliver’s portrayal of Bosch is perfection. He absolutely lived up to and exceeded my expectations.Unknown-5

The pilot was mainly an intermingling of two Bosch stories The Concrete Blond & City of Bones with some characters peppered in from other titles as well. Although some of the characters and events were changed, very little was altered and the pilot stayed true to the spirit of the books.Unknown-8Unknown-9

In the pilot Bosch finds himself in court defending a civil suit for killing a suspected serial killer, The Concrete Blonde. Bosch, always the hard working detective, continues to work during his trial and finds himself involved in the murder investigation of a young boy, City of Bones. The pilot set up the story and I am eager to see how the rest of the series plays out. It promises to be exciting and suspenseful.

Even if you have never read any of Connelly’s books you need to check out this series. If you are not a Prime customer you can still view and give feedback for all of their series this month for free. Go be counted!

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