Secrets & Wives Finale Tonight

Sitting at the Truth + Beauty Spa in Roslyn Heights last night I was taken by complete surprise by the unassuming, sincere and down to Earth nature of Long Island’s newest TV reality celebrity Cori Goldfarb. The Reality TV star of Bravo’s newest Reality experiment Secrets and Wives which showcases several life long friends living on Long Island’s Gold Coast. The show premiered in June and the big finale is tonight.IMG_2070

We were assembled at Truth + Beauty to celebrate the shows finale which will air tonight on Bravo at 10:01 pm. Even if you never watched the show you would have been easily taken in by this charming entrepreneur who, when all the chairs were occupied, popped a squat on the floor.

Cori completely at home chatting with guests on the floor.

Cori completely at home chatting with guests while in the floor.

She was extremely easy to talk to and we shared stories about our children and discussed how a mother is really only as happy as her unhappiest child. Her daughter, who was just as sweet and sincere as her mother discussed the trials of dealing with her mother’s newfound celebrity. In the end she is extremely supportive of her mother and it was evident how close the two are.

Cori and her daughter

Cori and her daughter

If tonight’s finale garners big ratings it will hopefully lead to a second season of Secrets and Wives. The show is definitely worth the watch and comes complete with Long Island accents & attitudes. Of course there is plenty of drama and a good mix of funny and bawdy behaviors which is the recipe for a hit reality show. Tonight’s finale revolves around cast member Liza Sandler who is throwing herself a big blown out moving party. It proves to be quite the shindig and Liza is extremely hands-on with her party especially when it comes to dessert.

Not sure if I am hungry anymore...

Not sure if I am hungry anymore…

As a proud Long Islander I am definitley going to watch the show tonight. Why should we let Beverly Hills and New Jersey get all the attention. We have plenty of well-to-do kooky housewives here too. I mean come on we can show up Jersey can’t we? Watch tonight!

Cori and fellow cast member Susan Doneson

Cori and fellow cast member Susan Doneson

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