Helping Hands

It sometimes seems that everywhere we turn we are surrounded by bad news. Horrible and tragic stories that make us wonder about the world we live in. Considering we are continually pummeled with terrible news it is refreshing when we hear a story that makes us feel good and restores our faith in humanity.

A friend of mine recently had surgery. I wanted to help but wasn’t exactly sure what I could do. I think that most people want to help in situations like these but aren’t really positive how to be helpful or what to say.

Fortunately, another wonderful woman I know sent out an email inviting anyone who wanted to the opportunity make a meal for our friend. I got the initial email and was thrilled because this was my opportunity to help out. I responded immediately and promised to deliver Italian feast pasta and meatballs. I was so happy that I had responded quickly because within minutes my phone began pinging with response emails and didn’t stop until all the days were filled for the rest of the summer. How wonderful that everyone joined together to help out our friend. Everyone is so busy and has such hectic schedules but at the end of the day everybody made time to do something nice for someone else.

I delivered the meal this week to my friend and her family.  I felt so great! My daughter came with me and I thought it was such a valuable lesson for her. She was able to see first hand how communities join together. My friend came down from her room and personally thanked me. She just seemed so overwhelmed by the community and by how many people wanted to help out.

Of course when I volunteered to bring an Italian feast I was really volunteering my mother to make the meatballs, well honestly hers are way better than mine! Once again my mother came through with flying colors. I had been out with the girls and called her on my way home to say I was stopping for bread, salad and some “to go” containers. Naturally I was a day late and a dollar short and my mother had already made the pasta, salad and garlic bread as well as put everything into a labeled “to go” container. She even through in a batch of chocolate chip cookies for dessert. And no… I did not take credit for the dinner I just delivered it!

The mom who organized the meals took on a lot when she sent out that email. Several people responded at the same time for the same date. Which resulted in some confusion. After everything was squared away someone shared a site that is specifically designed to organize meals. The site is called Meal Train and it is a fabulous site. It sets up a calendar and keeps everything organized. There is an online calendar for setting up meals, an application for sending out invitations to participate on Facebook or email, and even sends out reminder emails. If you were thinking of setting up meals for someone in your community I would definitely recommend it. There is even an etiquette page with advice on making and bringing food to the person’s house! Very helpful site and even more it is free to use.

Such a great warm feeling to know that there are so many people in the world who want to help!

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2 Responses to Helping Hands

  1. Terry says:

    What a wonderful website to know about! Thanks for keeping us informed! 🙂

  2. Adriana says:

    Its always so great to help someone in need. Great job Jen and thanks for sharing that wonderful website.

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