My favorite thing about spring sports… that they are over!

My favorite thing about spring sports is not really that they are over.  The season ending is in my top ten along with rained out practices and cancelled games, but it’s not my favorite thing.

There are many aspects of spring sports that I will not miss and first on the list is the racing from field to field. As well as weeknight practices. Between practices and games I don’t believe we have had a day off from spring sports since they began in March.

Of course I know as parents we are partially to blame because we are the ones who sign our children up and pay hefty fees in order for them to play. Therefore, I am willing to assume some responsibility because I am one of the many who signs her kids up for too many activities. Both my girls were on lacrosse and soccer teams this spring.

I have said it before but it bears repeating… there are innumerable benefits from playing sports, especially for girls. Girls who play sports have improved self-esteem which is just one of the many advantages, but a really vital one, especially in a time when models are getting smaller and shorts are getting shorter. My children should play sports because they enjoy it and it is good for them, but honestly it does nothing for me.

I don’t like sports! I said it and don’t hate me. I try to like sports I do! I try to watch and I am just not interested. I don’t like when they are losing and when they are winning I pray for the clock to run out so they can just win. I have no idea what quarter or half it is and don’t ask me who has the ball or what the rules are.

My favorite sporting event is catching up with friends who are busy watching the game. I have some great friends and they take pity on me. They are sure to make me aware when something important happens and to let me know what the score is and how much time is left. One friend in particular even brings a chair to every soccer game because he knows inevitably I will forget it at home and he was sick of giving up his chair for me.

The coach’s wife of my older daughter’s soccer team is always trying to involve me in the game. She can’t seem to understand why I would not want to learn more about the sport my daughter is playing. Thank goodness for her because she is forever pointing out when my daughter is playing exceptionally well.

But I digress… my favorite thing about spring sports… the end of the season party. I am not sure if this is a widely accepted practice throughout the country, but where I live we have these fabulous coaches who throw end of the season parties for the teams.

What great parties! This is a practice I can really get behind. Generous parents who have fabulous yards and amazing pools hosted all of the parties. Parents and siblings are invited and the whole team and their families party together. So fun!

I had such a great time at each of the parties. Next year when I am run down exasperated from running from field to field, washing uniforms and looking all over for that missing soccer sock, I will have to remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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1 Response to My favorite thing about spring sports… that they are over!

  1. Terry says:

    I can totally relate! Finally someone who understands me! 🙂

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