A little Frozen Paradise on the Island

Sunday night I enjoyed a little frozen paradise on the Island. And of course when I say Island I mean Long Island.

My frozen treats were Daily’s Cocktails and I couldn’t wait to  try them. I loved the idea of a no mess frozen drink. Like a kid waiting for ice pops to freeze I waited for my frozen drinks to be ready. I had big plans for the evening. Of course like most of my plans for relaxing on the weekends they fell by the waste side.

After Mass and breakfast it was already early afternoon. I even played hooky from Caroline’s soccer game so I could get all my weekend chores early. My thought was get everything finished and get ready for Monday morning madness and then put the kids to bed. After my husband and I could enjoy a little island paradise with some frozen cocktails. You know snuggle on the couch put on some reggae music maybe… I have quite an active imagination. I think I watch way too much tv.

First mistake was trying to do too many things. And honestly my to do list is so long I could never finish it in one night. It’s like a never-ending pasta bowl from Olive Garden. It never seems to get any smaller only bigger.

I kept waiting to break out the drinks till I was all ready. However clocks keep ticking and the day was ending and it was dangerously close to bed time. Not wanting to get a buzz on and then head into bed I had to break out the cocktails. The kids were not in bed, my to do list was barely addressed,  I was in my pajamas, and the only sound was coming from the Sunday night football game on the television. Best laid plans and all…

The good news was it was so worth it! The Daily’s Cocktails were awesome! So easy and they tasted great. It’s pretty great to be able to enjoy a frozen drink in the comfort of your own home and for way less then it would cost if you were out at a bar. I bought them for less than two dollars a pouch. My favorite was the Pina Colada and my husband’s was the Strawberry daiquiri. Both were delish! I can’t believe how easy they were.

Freeze- Squeeze- and Enjoy! It really was that simple.

There was no mixing or blenders or even clean up involved. All I had to do was throw out the pouch and wash the glass. The alcohol is already in the pouch. All you need to do is freeze for 8 hours. Technically you could stick your straw in and drink it out of the Capri-Sun like pouch. They were so refreshing and tasted great.

These are five ways to enjoy Daily’s Frozen Cocktails and keep summer alive this fall.

1.) Watching your favorite shows on television- I ended up ditching the football game and watching the premiere of Revenge in another room.

2.) Have a porch party- Break out some Daily’s Cocktails and invite some of your friends over to the porch for happy hour. It still warm enough for some outdoor partying

3.) Hostess parties like Pampered Chef or PartyLite Candles. Frozen cocktails will definitely liven up your party.

4.) College style with a pouch and a straw.

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3 Responses to A little Frozen Paradise on the Island

  1. Adriana says:

    They look yummy and our to do lists are always too long. Every time I cross something off of it, I add 5 more. :))

  2. Jen Iles says:

    Looks great!

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