Frankenweenie out in theaters now!

The unlikely combination of Tim Burton and Disney has resulted in a visually stunning new animated film just in time for Halloween. Frankenweenie is a parody and tribute to the original Frankenstein. Parents will enjoy the parallel characters and events in this stop motion animated cinematic event. The black and white 3-D animation is amazing to watch and gives this film an old fashioned quality.

The story centers around Vic Frankenstein and his best friend Sparky, his dog, who tragically dies in the beginning of the movie. (It’s Disney and Tim Burton of course there is a death) Heartbroken from the loss of his best pal Victor, a scientific prodigy, decides to bring Sparky back to life Frankenstein style. In his attic in true Frankensten style while his oblivious parents watch tv he creates Frankenweenie.

Victor tries in vain to hide his existence from his parents and his creepy classmates but eventually the word gets out and the fun and weirdness begins. In turn each child sneaks into the town pet cemetery and tries their hand at playing mad scientist to bring their beloved pets back to life and here is where the madness begins.

Reviews were mixed from the five children ages ranging from 5-12, who accompanied me to the movie. Amelia, 5 years old was hysterical crying at parts but once the movie was over wanted to see it again. Grace, 9 years old felt it was “awkward” which I find has become a popular word with my kids albeit often misused. Caroline & Brittany, 12 years old thought it was “creepy.”

As far as Halloween movies go I think “creepy”and “awkward” might as well be two thumbs up. Check this out in 3-D before it is out of theaters.

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  1. My son and I loved it so much we saw it twice!

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