No Princessess Here

Cinderella (Disney character)

I am all about the princesses. I am all about the glitter. I run in hoop earrings and my work out tanks have sequins. In a nut shell I am a girlie girl and for the most part my girls follow suit.

And then there is Amelia… The youngest of three who basically has to fend for herself because we are all so busy. Most kids her age like to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Agent Oso, or Little Einsteins. But not Amelia her favorite show is Power Rangers, which drives me insane. Power Rangers really???

Power Rangers Samurai

Who even knew they were still on the air? Certainly not me! My other girls never watched Power Rangers. We spent mind numbing hours watching Barney and The Wiggles not Power Rangers.

Well not only are they on the air, there are about eighty different versions of the television show on all the time on Nick Toons. If you would like to check out the Power Rangers some of your choices are Power Rangers Samurai, Power Rangers Super Samurai, Power Rangers in Space, Power Rangers Dino Thunder and Power Rangers Turbo just to name a few. Amelia’s favorite is Super Samurai but she will watch any one of the shows.

So should I have been so surprised when she asked, no begged, to be a Power Ranger for Halloween. Probably not. I tried to dissuade her with Minnie Mouse or a mermaid or even a butterfly but she wasn’t having it. In the end I had to give in because she truly does love them so much. At least she picked the pink ranger!

Today we went to a Halloween Party and there was my Pink Power Ranger playing amongst all the Rapunzels, Ariels,  and Cinderellas. As I watched  I had to smile. I guess I have to let her be who she wants to be. I should be happy she knows what she wants and is not afraid to be an individual.

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11 Responses to No Princessess Here

  1. Mary James says:

    Great blog Jen. So sweet. And once again you nailed the photo. Aunt Mary

  2. Terry says:

    Love it! There was just something on 20/20 Friday on “What Would You do?” with this exact scenario! I’m so glad you let her choose and be what she wanted! 🙂

  3. Tina says:

    Go girl power — hi-ya!

  4. Jeana reyes says:

    I love it! She is amazing

  5. jhunterbari says:

    I think it is great that she chose a strong female character…not too many of those out there in TV land these days. Go Go Power Rangers! (Do they still say that on the show?)

    • Yes I believe they do! In my head I know it’s good she she likes a strong female character role but sometimes it’s hard to let go of traditional things that I like- like being a princess for Halloween. I am so proud of her that she is such and individual.And yes we need more strong female role models I agree!

  6. Jen Iles says:

    I think her costume fits her personality perfectly!!! I love it ,

  7. Alexandra says:

    power rangers may be the boys thing but pink is still girlish! 🙂 An awesome costume!

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