Lenten Calendar for Kids

Hearts and Candy

My Car Stuck in Snow

Sorry I realize it’s Valentine’s Day but like my car in the snow the other day I am a little stuck.  I had to share one more thought about Lent.

A few years ago my daughter brought home for religion a Lenten Calendar and I thought it was the greatest idea. I had searched the internet last year for it, but had no luck. Luckily this year a friend shared her son’s with me.

Basically the calendar is a rainbow with 40 blocks. For each day of Lent there is an activity to complete. Once the activity is completed you color in a block of the rainbow. I love it because it is so concrete and focuses on being a better Christian in a way that little ones can uderstand. Some activities are “give someone a hug” “say grace before dinner” and “make someone smile today” All simplistic things that will make your child feel good. Then when Easter rolls around they will have a colorful rainbow that illustrates all the good they have done for the past 40 days.

Please print and share the calendar. Unknown-5

Lenten Calendar

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3 Responses to Lenten Calendar for Kids

  1. auntiejanola says:

    I agree, this is a wonderful idea! I will def do this with my little ones – even though we are not religious sharing love and the idea of “good deeds” should be crucial for everyone…

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  3. Shirley says:

    This is wonderful……I love it. I will definite share this with my friends and co-workers.

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