We’ve Been Boo-zed!

Finally it’s our turn…. We’ve Been Boo-zed!

photo 1

Why should the kids have all the fun?

Halloween has begun to take on a life of it’s own. There are now elaborate decorations and lights for houses. It has become a season that begins early in October and lasts all month.

The most popular tradition in my neighborhood is ghosting.

Kids of all ages… roaming through the neighborhood…  after dark.

Sneaking around, dressed all in black, ringing doorbells and running away. And in most cases their parents are the getaway drivers.

This may sound disturbing to you, but do not fear for we are not training them for a life of crime. The goal is to leave a bag of candy on the doorstep without getting caught.

photo 2

I am not sure how widespread the ghosting craze is, but it has been a Halloween standard at my house for years. My girls love to go ghosting! All year long they wait in anticipation for Halloween season so they can ding dong ditch… Oh wait I mean ghost.

photo 3

I am not a huge fan of this tradition. It is definitely something I like to delegate for my husband. I am way too nervous especially with the kids all in black running through the streets at night- it’s a little dangerous for me.

But now we have a Halloween tradition I can get behind! Instead of a bag a candy our thoughtful ghosters left a bottle of wine!

Fabulous twist on this Halloween tradition! Click here to print out the We’ve Been Boo-zed poem.

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  1. Jeana reyes says:

    Wow what a great idea to send your friends… I might try that!

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