Thanksgiving the Middle Child

images-4Every year retail starts to display Christmas items earlier and earlier. This Halloween you had better odds finding a candy cane than a chocolate bar. I get that it’s retail and they want to rush my life along and force me to buy bathing suits in January and  thermal jackets July. Although it irritates me I have become accustom to the madness.

But when did the rest of the world decide to drink the kool aid and join in? It started with  a few wreaths hung on stores the week after Halloween. Then I noticed the beautiful lighted snowflakes are already up in my town. I had to ask myself, “Are people really decorating before Thankgiving?” The answer was clear as I saw several houses had put up their outdoor Christmas lights already??? images-5

Isn’t there an unwritten rule that all holiday decorating be done after Thanksgiving?? There are certain rules in life that must be followed for example “No white after Labor Day” and “No decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving” What happened to the rules?

How can we “HO HO Merry Christmas” if we haven’t even had the “Gobble Gobble Turkey ” yet?

Which further proves my theory that Thanksgiving is the middle child of the Holdiays. Frequently overlooked and often forgotten. I ask you where are the Turkey lights? The house decorations? I relent that maybe one or two houses displays a blow up Turkey in the yard- I am sure the home owners middle children themselves. Other than those few die hard Thanksgiving fans that’s it.

Who has time when Christmas season now begins November 1st?

Halloween is the oldest child with lots of preparation and excitiement. Jack-o-lanterns, costumes, trick-or-treating, ghosting all great fun ways to celebrate Halloween. Unknown-5

Then along comes Thanksgiving which no one really has time for because here comes Christmas stealing the stage with all the spoils. Clearly the “baby” of the Holidays. Christmas with all it’s  the decorations, caroling, Christmas Tree, and presents, Thanksgiving doesn’t stand a chance.Unknown-6

So put down that garland and string of lights and take a moment before you decorate to recognize this overlooked middle child of the holidays.


Gobble Gobble!


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  1. Jeana reyes says:

    That is so true!

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