12 Days of Christmas Traditions: Day 10 The Picture Card

The Picture Holiday Card.

HOliday card

The Picture Holiday Card has become an important Holiday Tradtion. Everyone looks forward to receiving the pictures in the mail and seeing everyone’s family and how they have grown over the year. And of course compare cards…

It’s not an easy job to make a picture card basically it’s just one more thing to add to your to do list for the busiest time of the year. Lots of thought goes into creating the Picture Card.

What kind of pose?

Silly, traditional, or creative…

What location?

On the beach, vacation, playing in the snow, at Disney, with Santa, in front of the tree…

Should you get the pictures done professionally or do them yourself?

Outfits? Should they be Christmas outifts? Black and White? Matching?

So many decisions.

Some years I am super prepared and early on I have a great idea or I go to Target Photo Studio and get them professionally done. Other years December 1st creeps up and it’s as though I don’t own a calendar. Personally, I tend to lean towards to traditional poses and professional photo shoots but I do occasionally do it myself.

This was the year I gave my Picture Card little or no thought. I was happily walking in my cloud when I saw the most amazing deal on Cyber Monday which pushed me briskly into reality and forced immediate action. Cardstore was having the greatest deal on Picture Cards for .49 cents. Really nice cards 5X7 and on cardstock it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. After dinner I threw the kids in black and white- we didn’t even have Christmas outfits yet! I told my mother to get ready and light the fireplace because we were coming over for a photo shoot.


Cardstore.com 2

Photo shoots never go as plan and 91 photos later the kids weren’t talking to me but I thought I had some photos I could work with. I sat at my mom’s and tried to download the pictures to Cardstore and they wouldn’t load.

Relentlessly I tried again and again to load my pictures with no luck. What is it they say about insanity… Even though it didn’t work I kept at it but it was getting late I had to stop the madness and get the kids home and ready for bed. realized that I would not be able to get the card done before midnight. I packed it in and went home.

Once I was home I decided to call Cardstore because it was evident I was never getting it done tonight. I called the customer service department and put my phone on speaker and went about my business. Two hours later I had fallen asleep and the phone kept repeating that the next available customer service agent would be with me shortly! Really?! I hung up in defeat.

The next day I called again and was on hold for an hour this time. When the customer service agent did finally pick up I was at my wit’s end. Frustrated that I had missed the sale and aggravated that I had been on hold for a total of 3 hours I was ready to rip her head off. However, before I even had the chance she cut me off and apologized for all the trouble I was experiencing. She was so nice and sincere she really made me feel better.

Even better than her pleasant attitude was the fact that she said Cardstore was honoring the CyberMonday promotion for anyone who called who had experienced problems with the site and were unable to order their cards. She explained that they were just overwhelmed with the traffic to the site. I guess I wasn’t the only one excited by .49 cent cards.

I have to be honest even with the new code I was skeptical over whether the site would work after the disaster from Monday. Happily I was able to make my cards and oder them using the CyberMonday coupon code. 100 hundred cards for $49.00 I was thrilled!

Even though it started out bumpy I was really happy with Cardstore and their customer service was terrific. They recognized the problem they had and fixed it quickly. Once it was working the site was easy to use and there was a large selection of cards to choose from.

My cards came out great and they were delivered in three days.  Cardstore will even mail your cards for you. I am a little too controlling and need to mail them myself but for those of you out there a little less crazy this is a great feature. You can upload your addresses and they only charge you for the postage.

Here are some outakes that didn’t make it onto the card…

IMG_2946DSCN5632This is not a paid review for Cardstore. I didn’t receive anything for them in exchange for this review.

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2 Responses to 12 Days of Christmas Traditions: Day 10 The Picture Card

  1. Liz says:

    You cards are always beautiful 🙂

  2. Love the photo card tradition. Those candid shots are adorable! Glad to hear about your ‘happy ending’ story with cardstore, I’m always on the look out for online card companies, so thanks for sharing. Visiting from over at http://www.ritewhileucan.com where I gush over all things paper and card related.

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