Megabloks Barbie Build & Play Tropical Resort – Review

IMG_3099When a package arrived in the mail the other day my mother saw it and immediately hid it away from the kids. She mistakenly thought it was a Christmas gift I had ordered and had thrown it in the microwave to keep it hidden. I laughed when I came home from work and saw it in there. Luckily for the girls it was not a gift to be hidden away but a toy that needed to be played with asap.

Amelia couldn’t wait to rip into the Megabloks Barbie Build-n-play Tropical Resort. Unfortunately for her we were so busy last week I made her wait till the weekend in order to open it. She was so excited and everyday kept asking me how many more days until she could do her Megabloks review.

Finally on Saturday morning we sat down together to play with it. Since I have all girls I have very little experience with Megabloks and was eager to check it out. Since I am not the best direction reader BJ jumped in and helped her put it together. It took about 15 minutes to put it together and Amelia at 6 definitely need assistance assembling Barbie’s Topical Resort. Grace 10 jumped in and started helping and was able to follow the directions but had some trouble snapping the pieces together.


Once it was together they had a lot of fun playing with Barbie and her dolphins on her Tropical Resort. Barbie has a perfect vacation oasis. I am a little jealous! It’s the details that make this toy so much fun. The kids loved the little hammock and the jet ski for Barbie to play with. Barbie even has a hat to protect her from the sun!


Amelia loved it so much she has added some of the other Barbie Build and Play Sets to her Christmas List.


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2 Responses to Megabloks Barbie Build & Play Tropical Resort – Review

  1. Jeana reyes says:

    What a great gift idea

  2. Liz says:

    I loved my Barbies and they weren’t anywhere as cool as this! When can I play with them? 🙂

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