Sick in Bed

sick_momsI am a MOM and MOMS don’t get sick!

MOMS can’t get sick!

MOMS take care of everyone and everything. There is no time for sickness!!images-6

Apparently my body does not know or abide by this rule because all this week I was sick as a dog. Not really sure the origin of that expression. Are dogs especially sickly? They seem pretty happy and  healthy to me-but I digress.

Sunday night we just had arrived home from a ski weekend and everyone was pumped up for the Superbowl. I however was feeling a cold coming on and excused myself from the Superbowl and went to bed. Fortunately I could care less about the Superbowl and knew I wouldn’t be missed.

images-7Before I went to bed I dragged the weekend bags into the living room but I was too tired and achy, congested and coughing to deal with them. I was a miserable mess my throat was sore my head hurt and I was sooo tired.

In the morning I was blessed with one of the many snow days we have had this year. I promised the kids I would make it up to them and they could play and sled another snow day if they would just be good today so mommy could stay in bed. They agreed to be perfect angels and were for the most part well-behaved. They even tried to play nurse a few times, and I only had to venture out of the bedroom twice because it sounded like they were killing each other. Thankfully both times were false alarms.

The next morning, full of rest and over the counter meds, I felt good enough to go to work but collapsed as soon as I got home and was asleep by 6. That pattern would repeat for the next two days. The drawback was that at around 1:00 every night I would wake up and couldn’t go back to sleep worrying about all the things I had to but wasn’t because I was basically just working and sleeping.

Finally now it is Saturday and I am on the road to recovery.

That is of course until I took stock of the house.

The bags from our trip… still in the living room, no longer zipped up and looking a little ransacked.

Dishes in the sink but nowhere near the dishwasher. I seem to be the only one who knows where the dishwasher is located, conveniently next to the sink.

Laundry piled so high it’s taken on a life of its own.

Mail and papers of all kinds strewn about the kitchen counters and dining room table.

Coats scattered around the house. Backpacks all over the floor.

It’s so trashed it looks a little like Jake’s house from Sixteen Candles. SixteenCandlesReally, it is enough to make me relapse.

Looking on the sunny side of things they really need me around here. There is something sweet in that. Often times I wonder whether they really need me or is it just my delusional sense of self-worth. That question has now been asked and answered.

That thought will be my inspiration as I spend the next 48 hours getting this house back in shape.

And once it is back in shape I am going out and getting a piggy bank and the next time I get sick I am hiring a maid!Unknown-1

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10 Responses to Sick in Bed

  1. Liz says:

    You crack me up!!! Now don’t over do it cleaning up because I NEED YOU too 🙂

  2. Terry says:

    I know we work at the same place but it may as well be in two different worlds. I hadn’t known you were so sick until i saw you the other day. Glad you are feeling better but listen to Liz and don’t overdo! So easy to get run down again! 🙂

  3. jacqui says:

    Liz…no worries…not much chance of the overdo..just kidding.
    Glad you are feeling better. love the (16) candles reference. reminds me of you and baby sister..married..yes married

  4. Jeana reyes says:

    Moms are always needed

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