10 Things I Hate About Snow

I Hate SnowSnow is great when it stops by for a quick visit. Everyone is happy to see snow when it  comes for a visit. We “Oooh and aaah,” at the new fallen snow. The kids have a day off, everyone sleeps in and  goes sledding. Win -win  everyone’s happy. In a few days time snow has packed up and moved on. It’s a great visit once or twice a year at the most three times. And if you are missing snow when its gone you can visit it where it lives all winter long on the ski slopes.

This year snow has turned into an obnoxious guest staying uninvited all winter long.

Like most people living in the Northeast who have been blanketed by snow all winter I am so sick of snow!!!! It just keeps snowing and snowing and snowing… and nothing has melted. It just won’t go away.

Facebook feeds are jammed with anti-snow messages.

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There are many reasons to hate snow.

1. No Place to Parkimages-37

Snow has claimed almost all the spots on the street and in parking lots. You can’t find a spot anywhere due to sky-high snow mounds. Yesterday I spent 15 minutes circling the grocery store parking lot and ended up parking on a snow bank.

2. Cancellations Cancellations Cancellationsimages-29

Everything has been cancelled. School, parties, athletic games and practices, all types of meetings, doctors appointments, and religion classes- everything! Who even wants to plan an event because you know the snow will come and it will be cancelled. With all these cancellations comes rescheduling nightmares. Cancellations and delays also cause major problems for working parents who have to make alternate plans so they can go to work.

3. Will there be won’t there be?images-35

The constant speculation of will there be school or won’t there be school gives me anxiety. Will we find out tonight or will they let us know tomorrow morning at 5am? The not knowing drives me crazy as does all the social media speculation.

4. Treacherous Driving Conditionsimages-30

The roads are really dangerous. The snow and its annoying second cousin Ice make for treacherous driving conditions. As do the idiots on the road who think they can drive 100 miles an hour in the snow and ice, although that can’t really be blamed on snow they were probably idiots before the snow fell.

5. Shoveling images-31

Do you feel like you just shoveled? It’s probably because you just did. Even with a snow blower it’s a tremendous pain in the butt. Shoveling is physically taxing work and extremely annoying.

6. Snow Bootsimages-32

I have really nice shoes. Not that you would know it because I have been wearing snow boots all winter. They are hot, itchy and bulky and they really don’t go with anything. I am desperate to wear a pair of flip flops and not just at the nail salon.


7. Facebook Posts about Snowimages-33

We all have windows we know it’s snowing.  However the snow compels us to post pictures of our car thermometers and write posts telling everyone it’s snowing. We get it, it’s snowing. We are all #OverIt

8. Inaccessibilityimages-34

Walking anywhere is a huge problem. Snow is covering sidewalks and walkways making it exceedingly difficult to get around. People are forced to walk in the roads which can be dangerous.


9. News Media Fear Mongeringimages-38

I get they have a  job to do they need to report the news which includes impending storms, but does that include freaking everyone out. Based on these impending storms warned about in news reports people hit the supermarkets in hordes to wipe out the bread and milk. You know for all those milk sandwiches. Everyone is so freaked out by the apocalyptic snow storms reported by the news media events are often cancelled before a flake even falls.

10. Spring is never coming images-36

There are 15 days until Spring starts…. Will this snow ever melt?





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11 Responses to 10 Things I Hate About Snow

  1. I live in Maine. We always get a bunch of snow. But this year has been insane. We don’t have the same issues as you as we are just used to snow so the roads are cleared better, things aren’t cancelled as much, etc. But the lack of parking is starting to seriously annoy me. And the sand and salt in my house and car. Not to mention how the back of the driver’s seat looks from my daughter’s snowy, dirty shoes. Everyone sees the pristine white and no one things about how dirty winter actually is. Thankfully, starting Saturday, we will finally be above 32 and actually get into the 40s! That will start to melt our 3ft of snow. 🙂

    (visiting from the Shine Blog Hop)

    • Salt and dirty cars. Can’t believe I forgot those in my list. Thanks for reminding me that I hate those too! Preparation that really is the key. We are just so unprepared for this amount of snow.

  2. tiffanyatouchofgrace says:

    We have had the opposite weather this winter here in Seattle. It’s been sooooo warm! But we are snow people and are dying for snow. Our mountains are bare and I have yet to ski this winter. I do hope it stops for y’all really soon though.

    • If I could only send my snow your way. I guess that’s always the way. Everyone wants what they can’t have. Sorry to hear you haven’t skied yet this year. It is one of my favorite things to do with the family. Hope you get some snow.

  3. Misty B says:

    Hiking up and down my driveway….we live on a hill and just got another 14″ of snow (Southern Ohio).

  4. Here in Kansas we’ve had a very mild winter compared to many, and much tamer than we’ve had in several years. So I can’t complain. But I am still tired of the little snow we’ve gotten and am ready for spring. I can’t even imagine what it’s been like for those who have had it much, MUCH worse!

  5. Jenny Evans says:

    I’m in New England, too, and you forgot ICE DAMS! After our bathroom ceiling sprung two huge leaks a few weeks ago my husband sat our kids down and explained to them that when they grow up and buy a house it doesn’t matter what color it is or what it looks like or whether it has a nice floor plan – the only thing that matters is that the roof will keep you dry! Of course the oldest is 10 so I don’t think the importance of it really sunk in to them.

    I’m now following you on Twitter. Stop by my blog Unremarkable Files anytime!

  6. bismah2010 says:

    I am from Canada and there is also so much snow there this winter. I do not live there currently however my mom and dad do. They have shoveled just about every day since the first snowfall and it seems as though it will never end!

  7. Katie | The Surly Housewife says:

    Oh my goodness, I so relate to “Didn’t I just shovel!?” The only thing I hate more than shoveling is driving in sketchy weather. Not my driving, but other people’s give me anxiety! I cannot wait to complain about the heat!!

    Stopping by from the ShineHop! Have a lovely weekend 🙂

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